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jefm 01-02-2015 03:14 PM

LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell 3rd edition
I just started on this and am already confused with modprobe in System Architecture. It refers to -l and -t options, both seem to be deprecated.
Then I noticed the 3rd edition is about four years old.
Has anyone actually gotten their LPI with this book, recently?

(fyi I'm on Ubuntu 14, could not get any of the module exercises in the book to work as written. Plus I haven't dealt with modules in years, everything seems to "just work" for me these days hence I've had no need)

Edit: plus, this edition drops the LPIC2 material. Neat huh!
Edit Edit: This is by O'Reilly (I can't change thread subject). I might get the Sybex equivelent, simply titled 'LPIC Level 1'. Current edition is only a year old, they do have a new edition coming out in March, but kind of have 'go fever' for the cert.

sundialsvcs 01-08-2015 10:46 AM

Whether or not a particular feature "is deprecated," you are still likely to encounter installed-systems in which this-or-that feature is still in use.

Never get too mired-down in details: "zoom back up to twenty-thousand feet" and first look at the big picture. What is the thing that they are trying to do; the problem they are trying to solve; the approach that they are generally taking. A three-year old book is still just as relevant as the most recent, and it's often good to compare different editions as well as the works of altogether different authors and writing-teams.

The man page now says this about the "-t" option:

-t --type

Restrict -l to modules in directories matching the
dirname given. This option is provided for backwards compatibility: see find(1) and basename(1) for a more flexible alternative.
The discussion that was written before the "more flexible alternatives" became available will give you a different perspective on the root-problem that both alternatives were conceived to address. And it's included in the training materials (and in the tests) because some instructional-designer perceived that real-world Linux people would need to know it ... and the books tell you why. Focus on, "why." Answers change, but questions don't. Skim the sources, old and new, side by side.

penguinbody 04-06-2016 05:25 PM

LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell 3rd edition

- I'm using this text also to study Linux and get through the exams. I'm also watching videos from the urbanpenguin which are very good supplementary material that follows the LPI exam topics.

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