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TuxSurfer 12-04-2010 09:42 AM

Choosing a desktop Linux with certification in mind.
I am a computer student, I am older and have gone back to school for a career change. I have used Linux quite a bit (daily actually) and love the OS. I am considering obtaining a Linux certification of some kind. I have been using Debian and/or various forks of Debian for years and this is where the majority of my Linux experience lies. A friend was telling me that most Linux servers use Red Hat and that I should consider switching to either Red Hat or Fedora and go for a Red Hat certification. I know that the package management in RH/Fedora is different from Debian but I don't know if there is more and that I should switch.

So, I have 2 question:

1. Is it true that Red Hat dominates the server market?
2. Would it be in my best interest to switch to RH/Fedora on my day-to-day system? And, if so should I choose Fedora or Red Hat?

Thanks in advance for everybody's help.


AlucardZero 12-04-2010 10:07 AM

1) Certainly in the paid-support / enterprise market.
2) Sure, if you want the experience or the certification. And for a desktop system, Fedora. RHEL is stable and quickly gets out of date while Fedora is more bleeding-edge and has frequent releases.

bpogi 12-04-2010 10:10 AM

I haven't used RHEL, but I have used Fedora a bit. The learning curves between distros isn't really steep IMO. The biggest difference you will find is KDE vs. Gnome.

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