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james91911 09-06-2004 03:45 PM

Error Code 6000 during 4.0 or 4.5 Install Attempt
Hello to all: I am attempting to install Lindows 4.0 or 4.5 on my computer with a Matsonic MS8127C mother board, Socket A w/VIA Apollo KT-133 chipset and VT8363 chipset. Processor is 800MHz AMD with 256MB of PC-100 RAM. After the installation appears to be complete, I receive the following error message: Error 6000, installation not completed - reboot your system. I found some suggestions to remedy the situation by repeating the burn of the CD - but this is not a downloaded CD, so that does not apply. The other suggestion was to check your BIOS settings and Set Virus Protection to Off instead of On - I don't have this setting in my BIOS. Set Plug-N-Play to Off instead of On - I don't have this setting in my BIOS and Set HDD Setting to Large instead of Auto, again I don't see a HDD Setting but I do see Drive settings of Auto. I am so very careful when visiting my BIOS and unless I can see exact phrases that match, I won't change anything. Some of my other computers do show BIOS settings that match this suggestion (P-n-P and virus protection etc.), but not this one. Any suggestions as to how to work around error 6000 would be very greatly appreciated. james91911 :)

ealm 09-07-2004 11:41 AM

Error code 6000:

This is most likely caused by a bad CD or CD-ROM. Try to re-burn the CD at the lowest speed possible! If this doesn't work, try to swap out the CD-ROM drive or use a different one to install

james91911 09-07-2004 07:03 PM

Thanks for the reply Ealm. As I stated, CD's are fine. Have used both for installations on other computers without any problems. It has to be a conflict in my BIOS settings, but I don't know where it could be. Lindows says it could be an anti-virus program being turned on (don't see one in the BIOS) or PnP being turned on instead of off (don't see any PnP option in this BIOS) and there is a drive setting, but not the hard drive setting by that name. Because both CD's loaded on the AMD 1.2 GHz system without any trouble, I can't see why neither one of them will load on my AMD Duron 800 MHz system. As a matter of fact, even the Lindows Live CD will work on the 800 system because that is what I used to make sure all my hardware was "Linux Compatable" before I tried this install. Computer is Linux friendly because Mandrake 10.0 Official is running on an extended partition just fine. Thanks for the suggestion. james91911 :)

ealm 09-08-2004 01:30 PM

I'm sorry but I haven't encountered your problem before. I suggest you try posting this problem in the Linspire forums over at Good luck and see you around!

james91911 09-09-2004 12:25 PM

Thanks for the great suggestions Ealm. I did some checking in the mother board manual and found that I do indeed have settings for anit-virus, plug and play and hard drive size detection. My anit-virus warning was turned off, but the plug and play was set for "PnP OS" which is not a good thing for any Linux distro install. IDE detection was set to "Auto" instead of "Large or LBA" so after I set these BIOS settings the way Lindows wants them there should not be any problem with the installation. If, however, I do hit a wall, I will post to the Linspire Forum. Thanks again and have a great day! james91911:)

ealm 09-09-2004 07:42 PM

nice to hear it works out for you!
see you around and welcome to linspire!

PS. If you're into IRC, I'd recommend you to join us at #linspire

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