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rich.jt 09-03-2004 02:48 AM

Linux 10 on primary Slave
I eventually managed to install Linux on my new HDD that comes up as primary slave and Linux on F:\
The primary master master has win xp on C:\ that always comes up at boot time.
Lilo was installed in Linux. Are there any chages I can make to accsess Linux?

realjustin 09-03-2004 04:08 AM

The issues is probably that your master drive's boot loader is the standard Windows XP one. It hasn't been changed to allow Linux to load. To make sure your Linux is working, go into your BIOS upon reboot and disable your master drive that has XP on it. It should load up the LILO on your slave drive. If that works, your next task is to get LILO or GRUB installed over your master drive's MBR, or to add Linux to your Windows boot loader. I haven't done the later, so others will have to help.

rich.jt 09-03-2004 04:24 AM

Can you please inform me of the proper way to disable my master drive?

realjustin 09-03-2004 04:31 AM

It's going to depend on your BIOS. Reboot, and look for some sort of trigger, it will usually say something like "Hit F1 to go into Setup". So upon reboot try hitting F1, delete, insert, or a few other keys. Don't hit them all at the same time. If you get in, post back before we continue.

rich.jt 09-03-2004 11:15 AM

As it has been before it's DEL to enter setup. I have only made changes when intructed by manuals etc.

rich.jt 09-04-2004 11:13 AM

P.S In addition to DELfor setup,
The linux I have is,
slackware and on the disc1 case it has got version

rich.jt 09-06-2004 04:15 AM

In addition every time I restart winxp places a partition on hdb even if I've removed it before hand.
Do I have to remove it, start from linux disc 1 re-partition, re-format, re-install and then go into BIOS to sett something? What do I need to make sure is installed?
Is there a way of stopping winxp placing a partition on hdb?

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