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emlsnws 07-18-2007 11:10 AM

X11vnc, and other VNC thoughts
I've begun using this package and as part of my PET learning experience, created a PET package.

This package creates a menu entry, but it normally requires a command line to start it. I use:


# x11vnc -auth /var/run/slim.auth
What this does is serve the X display number 0 (ie. :0 in X parlance) up to any VNC client on the standard VNC TCP/IP port, which is 5900.

You can then connect with a VNC client, and you will (helpfully) be presented with the Grafpup login screen (ie. Slim). You can log in, and if you happen to have the machine's console (monitor & keyboard) available too, you can see what goes on on it.

Note that x11vnc, as a package, does just that. It presents the 'console' X display. Other VNC clients (TightVNC etc) create additional X servers, for remote X display use.

The X11vnc package is at:

I did find, that on my Grafpup machine (a VIA M10000 mobo with 1GHz processor), the system slowed down quite a lot when a 'standard' VNC server (that which creates additional separate X servers) was run.
I also could not solve the problem of getting Slim (the login manager) to run on the additional X sessions, since it can only run one instance at a time. I guess another login manager would have to be used, if login authorisation was required.

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