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artcurmudgeon 06-03-2008 11:15 PM

Webcomics Done With Grafpup?!?
Are there any others out there? (I know, I know...I dont update mine as often as I should)

Grafpup is perfect for any starting or advanced web-cartoonist. All I had to do was drop in my fonts, and install Sane and I was in business.

Started this with Version 1.04 on a 667mhz with 256megs ram and a 4 gig hdd. It screamed. I upgraded to an AMD with 512megs ram and a 20 gig HDD, running 2.0-seamonkey and I love it.

I have been handing out copies of Grafpup at my drawing group and so far a couple of the people who play over at Keenspace(now comic genesis) are playing with it, they like not paying an arm and a leg for good software. I hope to have a mini install fest to get a few more started.

I am Grafpup of Borg, resistance is futile...LOL


vharishankar 08-21-2008 10:59 PM

Sounds very interesting. I draw comics myself and I never realized there was a distribution specifically created for graphic artists. :)

plumpy 09-06-2008 10:51 PM

I use Grafpup to Draw
artcurmudgeon, I draw a web comic called Square-N-Circle using the tools in Grafpup. You can see it here:

After looking at your comic, and several others at, I'm not sure mine even qualifies as a web comic, basically because I can't draw as well as the rest of you...y'all are artists!

I found Grafpup because I use OpenOffice Draw, The GIMP and InkScape to draw mine and went searching for a lean operating system that loaded into RAM that had the Open Source tools I use. I didn't think I would actually find it, but, hey, sometimes you get lucky.

In case anyone is reading this and wonders what these programs do, InkScape is like Corel Illustrator and The GIMP is like PhotoShop. OpenOffice Draw is, hrm, not sure...a great, simple 3D tool?

disciplepup 10-17-2008 08:16 AM

Slightly off-topic, but someone on the Puppy forum found Pencil not long ago, which is another drawing program you might like to try. It's actually supposed to be for drawing animations.
It needs QT4 though - I'm not sure if the packages that are around for Puppy will work.

plumpy 10-24-2008 11:56 PM


Cool program, Pencil. I'll load it in Windows and check it out, (sadly I am still learning how to install programs in Puppy).

Once I get up to speed, the program I want to install in Wine on Puppy is Anim8or, which is like "Blender Lite". I understand it and can create with it. It has just the tools I need, nothing more.

See it/download it here:

Thanks, Disciplepup for pointing me to Pencil!


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