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stu7 07-17-2007 06:15 PM

...two problems with newest GrafPup...
Hmmm... these issues may have been mentioned before,
but if not they are worth looking at I think.

problem A) GrafPup seems to like CinePaint...
and so do I... however, I've tried twice to
save pictures done in CinePaint... and they do
save locally (to the live CD session), but when
I have saved to my main IDE drive, I get just
large black frames, no picture... obviously,
this wont suffice... call me selfish :-)

problem B) I love InkScape, which GrafPup includes...
however, I have several times had what I would term
a severe memory leak problem when tracing and trying
to work with trace results. Dunno if this is a prob
with Inkscape version , the GrafPup installation, or
what... its not happening with my debian install,
so I have to suspect the new Inkscape release ?

Nathan has provided a real service with GrafPup...
its like a year ahead of what other distros offer
so far as newest versions. Hope some of these bugs
can be resolved.

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