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jparkdo 09-01-2007 04:58 AM

gutenprint not sending postscript file to printer
Hi All,

I cannot get Grafpup 2.00 to print a postcript or PDF file, but it will print a plain text file fine. Xpdf error messages seem to indicate ghostscript is unable to convert whatever is being sent to it.

I'm using an HP 4000 LaserJet via TCP socket over a network at my job. I have tried using the Xpdf BSD and TCP methods, and both send output to my printer OK at it's IP address. Both fail similarly at sending postscript files to my printer.

I've used Puppy 2.12 and 2.16 with the same hardware for quite awhile using the same settings and it works fine with PDF and ps files.

I had to create an apparently missing symlink /usr/bin/ijsgutenprint to /usr/bin/ijsgutenprint5.0 just to get Xpdf to print at all.

I'm considering just installing the CUPS DotPup package from Puppy. Any ideas out there?


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