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etrabalho 11-19-2007 08:24 PM

Grafpup donīt Start!
Hi everyone!
I burn grafpup 2.0 opera, to use in a old pc, but after boot options nothing hapening. Donīt show grafpup logo, the screen stay black. I tried the same cd in another pc and works well. Anyone know what I need to do? This is my pc info:

processor specification amd k6-2
package socket 7(321) techology 0.25 um
family 5 model 8 stepping c
ext. family 6 ext. model 8 revison cxt

motherboard pcchips
model m598lmr 1.0
chipset sis 530/620
southbridge sis lpc bridge
video card onboard

bios american megatrends inc.
version 062601

graphic interface
version agp version 1.0
transfer rate 2x max supported 2x

memory 248 MB


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