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gandhul 06-13-2007 09:28 AM

grafburn modifications.
first I need to give thank you all for your work.

Sorry my bad english, I will try to ask my question in the best way. I see grafburn and I like that gui to record cd/dvd. I use it and made a few modifications to make it working on the distribution I am using. Can this be done? Sorry about my little knowledge about lincenses. I prefer to ask this and be sure that can be done.

Thank you a lot again. I hope you can read this and give me opinions, problems or any kind of suggestion.


kjuergen 06-13-2007 06:36 PM


it's licensed under GPL which allows you to modify it to whatever you want. The only condition is that if you preserve all the copyright notices and if you give it to others it has to be accompanied with a copy of the GPL and all the source code. If you want to be really nice send Nathan a copy of what you have done as it might help him improving the program.

I know reading a license is boring but I would recommend that you read it once and if that doesn't tell you enough go to the site of the free software foundation and read their FAQ.


gandhul 06-14-2007 01:19 AM

Hello Juergen,
thank you for let a bit of time to answer my question. I readed the license and understood it a bit (but with my low english level I wasn't sure I understood it well). I'll read it again keeping in mind your aclaration.

I didn't improve any important modifications, I made only a few changes at source to use that great gui under the distribution I am using (like I said in my last post). I don't know if Nathan will read this post but I'll post here a link to my webpage where are located the changes. Only looking to the "sed" sentences wich are the few changes what I was talking about. Here is the link[1]

I think the most important change is the line about changing the /root dir by $HOME to let users burn.
And the other change is the use of gtkdialog instead of the gtkdialog3 provided by puppylinux. I think this changes are not relevant to grafburn directly, but they are needed to use it under the distro wich I'm using.

At this link[2] you can see the file's location at the "new system", and like you said, I keept the lincense inside.

Thank you a lot again for your time and patience.



kjuergen 06-16-2007 04:28 PM

Hi Gandhul,

as to my knowledge the GPL is available in dome other languages:


Nathan F 06-16-2007 07:08 PM

Hi Gandhul,

You have my full permission and support to port Grafburn for use in another distro. You will probably also have to do a bit of work to make setting the default burner drive work in another distro, since that part relies on the cdburning wizard in Grafpup. Other than that I think the changes you made should be all that is needed, although I have no way to know that for sure right now.

Actually, I have been considering releasing a couple of the little programs I've written for Grafpup on sourceforge, but I want to be sure the scripts will function all right on other distros first. I take it Grafburn is working with Crux now? If so I thank you very much for doing the work you have, small though it may be.


gandhul 07-03-2007 02:05 AM

happy to read these interesting replies.

Thank you Juergen, it's a bit difficult to read licenses but a bit easier to read them in my native language.

Thank you Nathan for your reply and your great job. I'm starting with gtkdialog with a friend, we are working on a encoder-decoder gui based on bash scripts. If we finish this gui I hope we can start making some improvements to the distro we are using and grafburn (I added a few changes in the gui to support saving log files, the rxvt output, but isn't working by now).

Is there a irc channel where we can join and read developers discussions?


Learning bit by bit. Gandhul

Nathan F 07-03-2007 12:35 PM

I have to admit that right now, I'm a bit tooo busy to hang out on irc. I'd be glad to answer anyquestion you have (to the best of my ability) about how to work with gtkdialog et. al. I'll keep watching this thread, or you can email me directly at nfisherster at gmail dot com. Be warned I'm only checking mail everry three to four days right now.


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