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seifertjr 11-13-2007 10:25 AM

Broadcom Air Force One Wireless Issues
Ya Ya old subject I know, but still my research leads me to this post since this is really an old issue with no real good fixes on the inter-web.

I have been using Freespire for several months now, only distro I have found to actually work with my wireless up until I found the drivers for it online (finally), I was then able to get Linux Mint 4.0 to work(which is an OK distro but not for me). But a'lass Freespire is loaded with a lot of crap that is making it a slug and so I need to locate a distro that is not.

My issue is this, with Puppy Linux it sees my wireless but will not work with the drivers that puppy loads. I have the drivers on a SD card but heck even puppy doesn't see my card reader.

So I came across Grafpup, hoping that it would be a tad bit easier to use, but Grafpup doesn't even see my wireless at all and as in puppy it doesn't even see my card reader.

Now my card reader is built in and have no clue as to what brand it is. The reason for using an SD card over usb, is that my usb port(s) have been fried, its a long story, but using USB is not a choice at this time.

SO with that I am at a stand still with Grafpup.

Also just a suggestion, but why not offer Iceweasel as an alternate browser over SeaMonkey suit. Don't get me wrong the other 2 laptops in this house are both Win boxes running Firefox, I am the one that converted them over from coughcough IE coughcough, but hey Iceweasel just plain rocks. The nice part is I am running my Freespire box with Iceweasel and am extremely happy and to boot a lot of extensions/add ons for Firefox that I was using worked flawlessly with my Iceweasel.

If I can get Grafpup to work with my wireless I would install Grafpup on my laptop then install Iceweasel, thats a big if. Also once I build my custom Mini ITX desktop unit I will be installing some form of linux upon it.

I will be hosting the drivers for the Broadcom Air Force One wireless cards soon, I do know that they work on a KDE desktop platform linux distro, any thing other then that not 100% sure but have read that others have had luck with them, I just need to upload them, until then any one wanting them just email me at and I will be more then willing to email them to you (a lot faster then researching to locate them if you ask me)

David1357 11-13-2007 11:59 AM

Re: Broadcom Air Force One Wireless Issues

Originally Posted by seifertjr (Post 2957541)
Ya Ya old subject I know, but still my research leads me to this post since this is really an old issue with no real good fixes on the inter-web.

If you have a wireless adapter that is not well supported by the mainline kernel drivers, I recommend using ndiswrapper. If your adapter stops working after random periods of time, I recommend using a script to ping your gateway and if it fails, bring the interface down and back up. I use this scheme at home on a Fedora Core box.

Here's a link to my post with the script:
Init script for ndiswrapper with WPA support
If you are running your access point in open mode, you may not need this script. ndiswrapper seems to only have problems when you protect your AP with authentication.

disciplepup 11-23-2007 12:40 AM

I suspect you might be better off persevering with Puppy. Unlike Grafpup it has an extremely active and helpful community. It also generally has excellent hardware support. Have you asked for help there? It can also be useful to try a few Puppy versions, as certain hardware doesn't seem to like particular kernels and stuff, so it could be a good idea to try a 3.x, 4.x (when it arrives) and a couple of 2.x versions if necessary.

Looks like someone had the wireless card working with some version of Puppy
Maybe if you pm'ed them and found out if it is still working, and which version.

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