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sosoy77 04-24-2012 11:34 AM

installing gnome on funtoo
hi there.i got stuck when i tried to install gnome on me funtoo my

CFLAGS="-march=core2 -O2 -pipe"
CXXFLAGS="-march=core2 -O2 -pipe"
USE="X applet asf audacious audio dbus gdm geany gnome gnome-keyring
gnome-print gnome-screensaver gnome-shell gtk introspection vapigen -kde

and when i try to install gnome

# emerge -a gnome

* IMPORTANT: 2 news items need reading for repository 'gentoo'.
* Use eselect news to read news items.

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:


Calculating dependencies... done!
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libogg-1.3.0  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] net-misc/mobile-broadband-provider-info-20110511
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libical-0.48  USE="-examples"
[ebuild  N    ] app-crypt/p11-kit-0.12  USE="-debug"
[ebuild  N    ] media-gfx/shared-color-profiles-0.1.5
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libnl-1.1-r3  USE="-doc"
[ebuild  N    ] sys-power/pm-quirks-20100619
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libx86-1.1-r1
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/webrtc-audio-processing-0.1
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libatomic_ops-7.2_alpha4
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/libasyncns-0.8-r2  USE="-debug -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/json-c-0.9-r1  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libdiscid-0.2.2  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] net-misc/netkit-fingerd-0.17-r3
[ebuild  N    ] net-im/telepathy-connection-managers-1  USE="-icq -irc -jabber -msn -sip -yahoo -zeroconf"
[ebuild  N    ] sys-apps/sdparm-1.07
[ebuild  NS    ] sys-devel/autoconf-2.13 [2.68]
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/gstreamer-0.10.35  USE="introspection nls -test"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gconf-3.2.5  USE="introspection ldap policykit -debug -doc -orbit"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gsettings-desktop-schemas-3.4.0  USE="introspection"
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/iso-codes-3.30
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libgee-0.6.4  USE="introspection"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-lang/orc-0.4.16  USE="-examples -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/json-glib-0.14.2  USE="introspection -debug -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/libgtop-2.28.4  USE="introspection -debug -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/dconf-0.12.0  USE="X -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/startup-notification-0.12  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libvorbis-1.3.3  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libexif-0.6.20  USE="nls -doc -static-libs"
[ebuild  NS    ] app-text/docbook-xml-dtd-4.3-r1 [4.1.2-r6]
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libsigc++-2.2.10  USE="-doc -static-libs -test"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-themes/hicolor-icon-theme-0.12
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/xf86miscproto-0.9.3
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-menus-  USE="introspection python -debug -test"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/flac-1.2.1-r4  USE="cxx ogg sse -3dnow (-altivec) -debug -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-perl/XML-NamespaceSupport-1.110.0
[ebuild  N    ] dev-util/gdbus-codegen-2.32.1
[ebuild  N    ] sys-apps/accountsservice-0.6.15  USE="introspection -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-util/itstool-1.1.2
[ebuild  N    ] dev-python/dbus-python-1.0.0  USE="-doc -examples -test" PYTHON_ABIS="2.7 3.2 -2.6 -3.1 (-3.3)"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libpeas-1.4.0  USE="gtk python -doc -gjs -glade -seed -test -vala"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-themes/sound-theme-freedesktop-0.7
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/docbook-sgml-dtd-3.0-r3
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/docbook-dsssl-stylesheets-1.79
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/scrollkeeper-dtd-1.0
[ebuild  N    ] x11-themes/gtk-engines-2.20.2  USE="-accessibility -lua"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libcroco-0.6.5  USE="-doc -test"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-lang/vala-0.14.2-r1  USE="vapigen -test"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-lang/vala-0.12.1  USE="vapigen -test"
[ebuild  NS    ] x11-libs/vte-0.32.1 [0.28.2-r203] USE="introspection -debug -doc -glade"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libdvdcss-1.2.12  USE="-doc -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/taglib-1.7.1  USE="asf mp4 -debug -examples -test"
[ebuild  NS    ] x11-libs/gtksourceview-3.4.1 [2.10.5-r2] USE="introspection -doc -glade -test"
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/docbook-sgml-dtd-4.1-r3
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libatasmart-0.18  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-themes/gnome-backgrounds-3.2.0
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libcdio-0.83  USE="cxx -cddb -minimal -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] sys-libs/libcap-ng-0.6.6  USE="python -static-libs" PYTHON_ABIS="2.7 3.2 -2.5 -2.6 -3.1 (-3.3)"
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/libproxy-0.4.7  USE="gnome perl python -kde -mono -networkmanager -test"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libraw-0.14.6  USE="lcms openmp -demosaic -examples -jpeg2k -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libunique-3.0.2  USE="introspection -debug -doc -test"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-lang/vala-0.16.0  USE="vapigen -test"
[ebuild  N    ] app-dicts/myspell-en-20081002
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/opensp-1.5.2-r3  USE="nls -doc -static-libs -test"
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/rarian-0.8.1-r1  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  NS    ] app-text/docbook-xml-dtd-4.4-r2 [4.1.2-r6]
[ebuild  N    ] media-gfx/exiv2-0.21.1-r2  USE="nls zlib -contrib -doc -examples -xmp" LINGUAS="-de -es -fi -fr -pl -ru -sk"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-perl/XML-SAX-Base-1.80.0
[ebuild  N    ] app-admin/apg-2.3.0b-r5  USE="cracklib"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libgusb-0.1.3  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] net-wireless/wpa_supplicant-0.7.3-r5  USE="dbus readline ssl -debug -eap-sim -fasteap -gnutls -madwifi (-ps3) -qt4 (-selinux) -wimax -wps"
[ebuild  N    ] app-laptop/radeontool-1.6.3
[ebuild  N    ] sys-apps/vbetool-1.1
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libsamplerate-0.1.8  USE="-sndfile -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-util/dialog-1.1.20120215  USE="nls unicode -examples -minimal -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-fonts/cantarell-0.0.8  USE="X"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/speex-1.2_rc1-r1  USE="ogg sse -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gnome-audio-2.22.2  USE="-debug"
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/libspectre-0.2.6  USE="-debug -doc -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] app-arch/zip-3.0-r1  USE="bzip2 crypt unicode -natspec"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-cpp/mm-common-0.9.5
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXres-1.0.6  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  R    ] net-libs/gtk-vnc-0.5.0-r1  USE="gtk3*"
[ebuild  N    ] sys-apps/lsb-release-1.4
[ebuild  N    ] dev-scheme/guile-1.8.8-r1  USE="deprecated nls regex threads -debug -debug-freelist -debug-malloc -discouraged -emacs -networking"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libmad-0.15.1b-r7  USE="-debug -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libid3tag-0.15.1b-r2  USE="-debug -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/a52dec-0.7.4-r6  USE="-djbfft -oss -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libdca-0.0.5-r2  USE="-debug -oss -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-sound/lame-3.99.5  USE="-debug (-mmx) -mp3rtp -sndfile -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-sound/wavpack-4.60.1  USE="mmx"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/audiofile-0.3.3  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/faad2-2.7-r2  USE="-digitalradio -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libburn-1.2.2  USE="-cdio -debug -static-libs -track-src-odirect"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libmp4v2-1.9.1_p479  USE="-static-libs -test -utils"
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/neon-0.29.6-r1  USE="nls ssl zlib -doc -expat -gnutls -kerberos -libproxy -pkcs11 -static-libs" LINGUAS="-cs -de -fr -ja -nn -pl -ru -tr -zh_CN"
[ebuild  N    ] media-video/gnome-video-effects-0.3.0
[ebuild  N    ] net-dns/bind-tools-9.9.0  USE="ipv6 readline ssl xml -doc -gssapi -idn -pkcs11 -urandom"
[ebuild  N    ] net-misc/whois-5.0.15  USE="iconv nls -idn"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/giflib-4.1.6-r2  USE="X -rle -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/recode-3.6_p17-r2  USE="nls -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] app-accessibility/at-spi2-core-2.2.3  USE="introspection -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gnome-user-docs-3.2.1  USE="-test"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXScrnSaver-1.2.2  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/docbook-sgml-dtd-3.1-r3
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/docbook-sgml-dtd-4.0-r3
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/docbook-xml-simple-dtd-
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/docbook-xml-simple-dtd-1.0-r2
[ebuild  N    ] dev-perl/SGMLSpm-1.03-r6
[ebuild  N    ] dev-python/pyxdg-0.19  PYTHON_ABIS="2.7 -2.5 -2.5-jython -2.6 (-2.6-jython) -2.7-pypy-1.7 -2.7-pypy-1.8"
[ebuild  NS    ] app-text/docbook-xml-dtd-4.5-r1 [4.1.2-r6]
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/gmime-2.4.32  USE="-doc -mono -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-lang/lua-5.1.5  USE="deprecated readline -emacs -static"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libquvi-scripts-0.4.4  USE="-offensive"
[ebuild  N    ] app-crypt/gpgme-1.3.1  USE="-common-lisp -pth"
[ebuild  N    ] www-client/lynx-2.8.8_pre12  USE="bzip2 ipv6 nls ssl unicode -cjk -gnutls -idn"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-util/gtk-builder-convert-2.24.10
[ebuild  N    ] virtual/glu-7.0
[ebuild  N    ] media-sound/cdparanoia-3.10.2-r4  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] perl-core/Storable-2.300.0
[ebuild  N    ] sys-block/parted-3.1  USE="debug nls readline -device-mapper (-selinux) -static-libs -test"
[ebuild  N    ] virtual/modutils-0
[ebuild  N    ] sys-block/eject-2.1.5-r2  USE="nls"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/gst-plugins-base-0.10.35  USE="introspection nls orc"
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/gnome-doc-utils-0.20.10
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/scrollkeeper-9999-r1
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libcanberra-0.28-r5  USE="alsa gnome gtk gtk3 sound udev -gstreamer -oss -pulseaudio -tdb"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/librsvg-2.36.1  USE="gtk introspection -doc -tools"
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/telepathy-glib-0.18.1  USE="introspection vala -debug -test"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libxklavier-5.2.1  USE="introspection -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/nspr-4.9  USE="-debug"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-cpp/glibmm-2.32.0  USE="-debug -doc -examples -test"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libwnck-3.2.1  USE="introspection startup-notification -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXxf86misc-1.0.3  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libdvdread-4.2.0  USE="css"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libsndfile-1.0.25  USE="alsa -minimal -sqlite -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/openjade-1.3.2-r4  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-perl/XML-SAX-0.990.0
[ebuild  N    ] x11-misc/colord-0.1.18  USE="gusb introspection udev -doc -examples -scanner -vala"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-cpp/cairomm-1.10.0  USE="svg -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/yelp-xsl-3.2.1
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/musicbrainz-3.0.3  USE="-test"
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/glib-networking-2.32.1  USE="gnome libproxy ssl -smartcard -test"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/gexiv2-0.4.1  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libgphoto2-2.4.12  USE="exif jpeg nls -doc -examples -gd -zeroconf" CAMERAS="ptp2 -adc65 -agfa_cl20 -aox -ax203 -barbie -canon -casio_qv -clicksmart310 -digigr8 -digita -dimagev -dimera3500 -directory -enigma13 -fuji -gsmart300 -hp215 -iclick -jamcam -jd11 -jl2005a -jl2005c -kodak_dc120 -kodak_dc210 -kodak_dc240 -kodak_dc3200 -kodak_ez200 -konica -konica_qm150 -largan -lg_gsm -mars -mustek -panasonic_coolshot -panasonic_dc1000 -panasonic_dc1580 -panasonic_l859 -pccam300 -pccam600 -polaroid_pdc320 -polaroid_pdc640 -polaroid_pdc700 -ricoh -ricoh_g3 -samsung -sierra -sipix_blink -sipix_blink2 -sipix_web2 -smal -sonix -sony_dscf1 -sony_dscf55 -soundvision -spca50x -sq905 -st2205 -stv0674 -stv0680 -sx330z -template -topfield -toshiba_pdrm11 -tp6801"
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/hunspell-1.3.2-r3  USE="ncurses nls readline -static-libs" LINGUAS="-af -bg -ca -cs -cy -da -de -el -en -eo -es -et -fo -fr -ga -gl -he -hr -hu -ia -id -it -ku -lt -lv -mk -ms -nb -nl -nn -pl -pt -ro -ru -sk -sl -sv -sw -tn -uk -zu"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/cogl-1.8.2  USE="introspection pango -debug -doc -examples -test"
[ebuild  N    ] net-print/cups-pk-helper-0.2.2
[ebuild  N    ] net-dialup/ppp-2.4.5-r2  USE="gtk ipv6 pam -activefilter -atm -dhcp -eap-tls -radius"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libnl-3.2.7  USE="-static-libs -utils"
[ebuild  N    ] media-sound/alsa-utils-1.0.25-r2  USE="nls -doc -minimal"
[ebuild  N    ] sys-libs/libcap-2.22  USE="pam"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libsdl-1.2.15-r1  USE="X alsa audio joystick opengl video xv -aalib -custom-cflags -dga -directfb -fbcon -ggi -libcaca -nas -oss (-ps3) -pulseaudio -static-libs (-svga) -tslib -xinerama"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libisofs-1.2.2  USE="acl zlib -debug -static-libs -verbose-debug -xattr"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/faac-1.28-r3  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libv4l-0.8.8
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libtheora-1.1.1  USE="encode -doc -examples -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] app-i18n/enca-1.13-r2  USE="recode -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/mesa-progs-8.0.1
[ebuild  N    ] dev-python/pyatspi-2.2.1  USE="-test"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libquvi-0.4.1  USE="-examples -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] virtual/perl-Storable-2.300.0
[ebuild  N    ] virtual/eject-0
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/libsoup-2.38.1  USE="introspection ssl -debug -doc -samba -test"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/clutter-1.8.4  USE="introspection -debug -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-desktop-3.2.1  USE="introspection -debug -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] net-wireless/bluez-4.99  USE="alsa consolekit cups readline usb -caps -debug -gstreamer -pcmcia -test-programs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/gst-plugins-good-0.10.30  USE="orc -debug"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/nss-3.13.3  USE="-utils"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/libgnomekbd-3.2.0-r1  USE="introspection -test"
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/enchant-1.6.0  USE="hunspell -aspell -static-libs -zemberek"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-themes/gnome-themes-standard-3.4.1
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-x-0.10.35
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/gst-plugins-ugly-0.10.18  USE="-debug"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/gst-plugins-bad-0.10.22  USE="orc"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-python/gst-python-0.10.22  USE="-examples -test"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gucharmap-3.2.2  USE="gnome introspection -cjk -debug -doc -test"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-util/gtk-doc-1.18-r1  USE="-debug -doc -emacs -highlight -test -vim"
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-gconf-0.10.30
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-gio-0.10.35
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-lame-0.10.18
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-ogg-0.10.35
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-vorbis-0.10.35
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-taglib-0.10.30
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-pango-0.10.35
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-v4l2-0.10.30
[ebuild  N    ] net-im/telepathy-logger-0.4.0  USE="introspection -doc -test"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gcalctool-6.4.0
[ebuild  N    ] app-arch/file-roller-3.2.2  USE="-nautilus (-packagekit)"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gconf-editor-3.0.1
[ebuild  N    ] dev-perl/XML-LibXML-1.960.0  USE="-test"
[ebuild  N    ] sys-power/pm-utils-1.4.1-r2  USE="alsa -debug -ntp" VIDEO_CARDS="radeon -intel"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-lang/spidermonkey-1.8.5-r1  USE="-debug -static-libs -test"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-cpp/pangomm-2.28.4  USE="-doc"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-cpp/atkmm-2.22.6  USE="-doc"
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/yelp-tools-3.2.1
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-faad-0.10.22
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-xvideo-0.10.35
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-wavpack-0.10.30
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-dvdread-0.10.18
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-alsa-0.10.35
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-dts-0.10.22  USE="orc"
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-a52dec-0.10.18  USE="orc"
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-flac-0.10.30
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libdvdnav-4.2.0
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libmpeg2-0.5.1-r1  USE="X sdl -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-faac-0.10.22
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-ffmpeg-0.10.13-r1  USE="orc -hardened"
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-jpeg-0.10.30
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-theora-0.10.35
[ebuild  N    ] x11-terms/gnome-terminal-
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/docbook-sgml-utils-0.6.14-r1  USE="-jadetex"
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/libnice-0.1.0  USE="gstreamer -upnp"
[ebuild  N    ] media-gfx/imagemagick-  USE="X bzip2 cxx jpeg lcms openmp pango perl png svg tiff truetype xml zlib -autotrace -corefonts -djvu -fftw -fontconfig -fpx -graphviz -gs -hdri -jbig -jpeg2k -lqr -lzma -opencl -openexr -q3
2 -q64 -q8 -raw -static-libs -test -webp -wmf"
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-cdparanoia-0.10.35
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/clutter-gtk-1.0.4  USE="introspection -debug -doc -examples"
[ebuild  N    ] sys-power/upower-0.9.15  USE="introspection -debug -doc -ios"
[ebuild  N    ] net-misc/networkmanager-  USE="bluetooth dhcpcd introspection nss ppp -avahi -connection-sharing -dhclient -doc -gnutls -modemmanager -resolvconf -systemd -wext -wimax"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/gjs-1.32.0  USE="-examples -test"
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/liboauth-0.9.6  USE="nss -bindist -curl -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/clutter-gst-1.4.6  USE="introspection -debug -doc -examples"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/openobex-1.5  USE="bluetooth usb -debug -irda -syslog"
[ebuild  N    ] games-board/aisleriot-  USE="gnome -debug"
[ebuild  N    ] app-misc/geoclue-0.12.0_p20110307  USE="gtk -geonames -gps -gsmloc -hostip -manual -networkmanager -nominatim -plazes -skyhook -yahoo-geo"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/mx-1.4.2  USE="dbus gtk introspection startup-notification -debug -doc -glade"
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/farsight2-0.0.29  USE="python -msn -upnp"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-perl/XML-Simple-2.180.0
[ebuild  N    ] dev-cpp/gtkmm-3.4.0  USE="X (-aqua) -doc -examples -test (-wayland)"
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-mpeg2dec-0.10.18
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-mad-0.10.18
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-resindvd-0.10.22
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/libpcap-1.2.1  USE="bluetooth ipv6 -libnl -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] app-accessibility/caribou-0.4.1-r1
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-soup-0.10.30
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/memphis-0.2.3  USE="introspection -debug -doc -static-libs -vala"
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/webkit-gtk-1.8.0-r300  USE="geoloc gstreamer introspection jit spell webgl (-aqua) -coverage -debug -doc -test -webkit2"
[ebuild  N    ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-meta-0.10-r7  USE="X a52 aac alsa dts dvd flac lame mp3 mpeg ogg vorbis wavpack xv -dv -dvb -ffmpeg -http -libvisual -mms -musepack -mythtv -oss -pulseaudio -taglib -theora -v4l -vcd -vpx"
[ebuild  N    ] media-video/cheese-3.2.2  USE="introspection -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-misc/icon-naming-utils-0.8.90
[ebuild  N    ] app-mobilephone/obex-data-server-0.4.5  USE="gtk usb -debug -imagemagick"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gnome-games-3.2.1-r1  USE="aisleriot clutter introspection sudoku -artworkextra -glchess -seed -test"
[ebuild  N    ] app-mobilephone/obexd-0.45  USE="usb -eds -nokia -server"
[ebuild  N    ] net-analyzer/nmap-5.51  USE="gtk ssl -lua"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gnome-power-manager-3.2.1  USE="-test"
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/telepathy-farsight-0.0.19  USE="python"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-themes/gnome-icon-theme-symbolic-3.4.0
[ebuild  N    ] x11-themes/gnome-icon-theme-  USE="branding"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-themes/gnome-icon-theme-extras-3.0.0
[ebuild  N    ] net-analyzer/gnome-nettool-3.2.0  USE="-debug"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libgnome-media-profiles-3.0.0  USE="aac flac mp3 vorbis -speex -twolame"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gnome-system-monitor-3.4.0  USE="-systemd"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gtkhtml-4.4.1
[ebuild  N    ] media-gfx/eog-3.4.0  USE="exif introspection jpeg lcms svg tiff -debug -doc -xmp"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/yelp-3.2.1  USE="-debug"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gnome-screensaver-3.4.1  USE="pam -debug -doc -systemd"
[ebuild  N    ] virtual/freedesktop-icon-theme-0
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libnotify-0.7.5  USE="introspection (symlink) -doc -test"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-misc/notification-daemon-0.7.4
[ebuild  N    ] virtual/notification-daemon-0  USE="gnome"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/zenity-3.2.0  USE="libnotify webkit -debug"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-wm/metacity-2.34.1  USE="-test -xinerama"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-wm/mutter-3.2.2-r1  USE="introspection -test -xinerama"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-keyring-3.2.2  USE="caps pam -debug -doc -test"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/libgnome-keyring-3.2.2  USE="-debug -doc -test"
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/libsoup-gnome-2.38.1  USE="introspection -debug -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] app-text/evince-3.2.1-r1  USE="dbus gnome-keyring introspection tiff -debug -djvu -doc -dvi -nautilus -t1lib -xps"
[ebuild  N    ] net-im/telepathy-mission-control-5.12.0  USE="gnome-keyring upower -networkmanager"
[ebuild  N    ] net-misc/vinagre-3.2.2  USE="ssh telepathy -avahi -test"
[ebuild  N    ] net-misc/vino-3.2.2  USE="crypt gnome-keyring ipv6 jpeg libnotify ssl telepathy zlib -avahi -debug -networkmanager"
[ebuild  N    ] app-crypt/seahorse-3.2.2  USE="ldap -avahi -debug -doc -test"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libgdata-0.10.2  USE="gnome introspection -debug -doc -static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libgweather-3.2.1  USE="introspection -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/rest-0.7.12  USE="gnome introspection -doc -test"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/folks-0.6.6  USE="-debug -eds -socialweb -test -tracker -utils -vala"
[ebuild  N    ] www-client/epiphany-3.4.1  USE="introspection jit nss -avahi -debug -doc -test"
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/totem-pl-parser-2.32.6-r1  USE="introspection quvi -archive -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/libchamplain-0.12.2  USE="gtk introspection -debug -doc -vala"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-panel-3.2.1  USE="introspection -doc -eds -networkmanager"
[ebuild  N    ] media-video/totem-3.2.2  USE="bluetooth introspection python youtube -debug -doc -grilo -iplayer -lirc -nautilus -nsplugin -vala -zeitgeist"
[ebuild  N    ] media-gfx/shotwell-0.12.1
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/libsocialweb-0.25.20  USE="gnome introspection networkmanager -connman -doc -vala"
[ebuild  N    ] app-misc/tracker-0.12.10  USE="exif flac gif gnome-keyring gtk
jpeg mp3 pdf tiff vorbis xml (-applet) -doc -eds -firefox-bookmarks -flickr -gsf -gstreamer -iptc -laptop -nautilus -networkmanager -playlist -rss -test -thunderbird -upnp -xine -xmp"
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/gnome-online-accounts-3.2.1  USE="gnome introspection -debug -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/evolution-data-server-3.2.3-r1  USE="gnome-online-accounts introspection ipv6 ldap weather -doc -kerberos -test -vala"
[ebuild  N    ] mail-client/evolution-3.2.3-r1  USE="crypt gnome-online-accounts ldap python ssl -clutter -connman -doc -gstreamer -kerberos -map -networkmanager"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gnome-documents-0.2.1
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gnome-contacts-3.2.2
[ebuild  N    ] media-sound/pulseaudio-1.99.2  USE="X alsa asyncns bluetooth caps dbus gdbm glib gnome ipv6 orc ssl tcpd udev webrtc-aec -avahi -doc -equalizer -jack -libsamplerate -lirc (-oss) -realtime (-system-wide) -test"
[ebuild  R    ] media-plugins/alsa-plugins-1.0.25-r1  USE="pulseaudio*"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-settings-daemon-3.2.3  USE="colord cups policykit short-touchpad-timeout udev -debug (-packagekit) -smartcard -test"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-applets-3.2.1  USE="gnome ipv6 policykit -networkmanager"
[ebuild  N    ] net-im/empathy-3.2.2  USE="geoloc map networkmanager spell v4l -call -debug -eds -gnome-online-accounts -sendto -test"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/nautilus-3.2.1-r1  USE="exif gnome introspection previewer -doc (-packagekit) -sendto -test -tracker -xmp"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/sushi-0.2.1
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gnome-utils-3.2.1  USE="ipv6 -debug -doc -test"
[ebuild  N    ] net-wireless/gnome-bluetooth-3.2.2  USE="introspection -debug -doc -sendto"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/nm-applet-  USE="bluetooth"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-control-center-3.2.2-r1  USE="cheese colord cups networkmanager socialweb -debug"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-misc/xdg-user-dirs-0.14  USE="gtk nls"
[ebuild  N    ] x11-misc/xdg-user-dirs-gtk-0.9
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-session-3.2.1-r1  USE="ipv6 -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-shell-  USE="bluetooth networkmanager"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gdm-  USE="consolekit fallback gnome-keyring gnome-shell introspection ipv6 tcpd xklavier -accessibility -debug -fprint (-selinux) -smartcard -test -xinerama"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-extra/gnome-tweak-tool-3.2.2-r2
[ebuild  N    ] app-cdr/brasero-3.4.0  USE="css introspection libburn mp3 -doc -nautilus (-packagekit) -playlist -test -tracker"
[ebuild  N    ] sys-apps/sg3_utils-1.33  USE="-static-libs"
[ebuild  N    ] sys-apps/rescan-scsi-bus-1.56
[ebuild  N    ] sys-fs/udisks-1.0.4-r2  USE="nls -debug -remote-access"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/libgdu-3.0.2  USE="gnome-keyring -avahi -doc"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gvfs-1.12.1  USE="bluetooth cdda gdu gnome-keyring http udev -afp -archive -avahi -bluray -doc -fuse -gphoto2 -ios -samba -udisks"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-core-libs-3.2.1  USE="cups python"
[ebuild  N    ] media-sound/sound-juicer-2.99.0_pre20111001  USE="-debug -test"
[ebuild  N    ] app-editors/gedit-3.4.1  USE="introspection python spell -doc -test -zeitgeist"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-core-apps-3.2.1  USE="bluetooth cdr cups networkmanager"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-fallback-3.2.1  USE="cups"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-extra-apps-3.2.1  USE="shotwell tracker"
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-3.2.1  USE="cdr cups extras fallback -accessibility"

The following USE changes are necessary to proceed:
#required by media-sound/pulseaudio-1.99.2, required by gnome-base/gnome-shell-, required by gnome-extra/gnome-tweak-tool-3.2.2-r2, required by gnome-base/gnome-extra-apps-3.2.1, required by gnome-base/gnome-3.2.1[extras], required by gnome (argument)
>=media-plugins/alsa-plugins-1.0.25-r1 pulseaudio
#required by net-misc/vinagre-3.2.2, required by gnome-base/gnome-extra-apps-3.2.1, required by gnome-base/gnome-3.2.1[extras], required by gnome (argument)
>=net-libs/gtk-vnc-0.5.0-r1 gtk3

Use --autounmask-write to write changes to config files (honoring CONFIG_PROTECT).

 * IMPORTANT: 2 news items need reading for repository 'gentoo'.
 * Use eselect news to read news items.

so what i am doing wrong


i92guboj 04-25-2012 07:37 AM


Originally Posted by sosoy77 (Post 4661867)
The following USE changes are necessary to proceed:
#required by media-sound/pulseaudio-1.99.2, required by gnome-base/gnome-shell-, required by gnome-extra/gnome-tweak-tool-3.2.2-r2, required by gnome-base/gnome-extra-apps-3.2.1, required by gnome-base/gnome-3.2.1[extras], required by gnome (argument)
>=media-plugins/alsa-plugins-1.0.25-r1 pulseaudio
#required by net-misc/vinagre-3.2.2, required by gnome-base/gnome-extra-apps-3.2.1, required by gnome-base/gnome-3.2.1[extras], required by gnome (argument)
>=net-libs/gtk-vnc-0.5.0-r1 gtk3

It's telling you that alsa-plugins needs to be compiled with USE=pulseaudio, and gtk-vnc needs to be compiled with gtk3.

You can either add these flags globally to /etc/make.conf,


USE="... gtk3 pulseaudio ...."
or, add them just for these packages in /etc/portage/package.use this way:


>=media-plugins/alsa-plugins-1.0.25-r1 pulseaudio
>=net-libs/gtk-vnc-0.5.0-r1 gtk3

Or, do as the output tells you:


Use --autounmask-write to write changes to config files (honoring CONFIG_PROTECT).

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