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sping 09-18-2009 10:03 PM

Gentoo machine setup statistics: Public beta test launched

Under the umbrella of Google Summer of Code 2009 a tool to collect data on Gentoo machine setups has been developed to be able to better prioritize development efforts in Gentoo.
The data collected ranges from details about installed packages to compile flags to the selection of mirrors. What data is submitted can be configured freely to match your needs of privacy.

With the collected data Gentoo will be able to better answer all sorts of questions including:
  • Which non-system packages deserve extra attention?
  • What common setup mistakes do people make?
  • How well is the usage of mirrors balanced?

You can check out the test instance by following these steps:

sudo layman -a sping
sudo autounmask =app-admin/gentoo-smolt-9999
sudo emerge -av =app-admin/gentoo-smolt-9999

smoltSendProfile --server=

After an hour your data will be included in the report:
Report (updated hourly)
More documentation (especially on control over privacy) can be found here:

I hope you have a few minutes to participate.

Thanks for your time and interest!


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