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darkstarbyte 11-13-2010 02:06 AM

By mistake I nuked my make.conf file what should I...
I was trying to

echo CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK=\"/etc/wget /etc/rc.d\" > /etc/make.conf

I was trying to use the >> instead of > now I screwed up my make.conf file.

Is there a way to recover it or can some one help me rewrite this.

Please I am a noob and this is the first install of Gentoo I have ever done.

Just ask I can supply the info to write it I just don't remember what to add.

business_kid 11-13-2010 08:58 AM

If, you haven't written it again, check the directory for a file called make.conf~ :-D
You may have to start over, but then keep a backup, or three.

darkstarbyte 11-14-2010 02:08 AM

I did find a way to recover my make.conf but it's not complete.

This is what I have so if any one can help me see if I am missing anything.

The way I recovered it was I went through the Gentoo manual and typed up some of that and found some other tutorials and came up with this.

CFLAGS="-march=native -02 -pipe"
MAKEOPTS="-j3 -l2"
USE="X gdu gtk usb -gnome -qt4 -cups -kde -qt3 -bluetooth dvdr esd eds alsa cdr"
CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK="/etc/wget /etc/rc.d"
XUSE="truetype X new-login xorg xscreensaver xv xcomposite xinerama opengl aiglx"
IMAGEUSE="jpeg gif tiff png svg pdf"
MEDIAUSE="alsa mad vidix asf win32codecs dvd mp4 aac x264 xvid nsplugin mp3 real gstreamer"
GENERAL="samba java bzip2 symlink sqlite spell xml"
SYSTEM="hal fam dbus aoss threads"
NOTUSE="-arts -qt4 -ipv6"
KDEUSE="-kde -qt3"
GNOMEUSE="policykit device-mapper extras gdu gtk cairo glitz gnome firefox"

darkstarbyte 11-14-2010 02:17 AM

I am hoping to get rid of gnome and go with lxde, but thats another thread for another topic.

quanta 11-14-2010 12:17 PM

Have a look at make.conf example.

markush 11-14-2010 05:57 PM


FEATURES="ccache distcc"
INPUT_DEVICES="keyboard synaptics evdev"

as an example.


darkstarbyte 11-15-2010 02:12 AM

This is what I know have in my make.conf after recovery and adding some new flags. I have a 64 bit system the "32bit" thing is for wine I think.


CFLAGS="-march=native -pipe"
MAKEOPTS="-j3 -l2"
USE="32bit X aac aiglx alsa aoss asf bzip2 cairo dbus device-mapper dhcpcd dvd
    ethernet extras fam fat firefox flv gdu gif glitz gstreamer gtk gzip hal
    hddtemp java jpeg mad mp3 mp4 new-login nsplugin opengl pdf png policykit
    real spell sqlite svg symlink threads tiff truetype win32 x264 xcomposite
    xinerama xml xorg xscreensaver xv xvid -abiword -arts -clamav -clamd
    -cups -evo -fax -floppy -gnome -google-gadgets -handbook -hpcups -hpijs
    -injection -ipv6 -kde -kdecards -lm_sensors -ppp -proxy -qt-bundled
    -qt-dbus -qt-faststart -qt-static -qt-webkit -qt3 -qt3support -qt4
    -qthelp -qtscript -samba -wifi -wiimote -wireshark"

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