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Predatorian 05-23-2013 09:23 PM

X11 Windows Manager for Windows7 & 8
Hey guys,

As much as it pains me to ask this blasphemy, is there a more updated and recent WDM for Windows so I can use PuTTY and forward my X11 programs through SSH? I have Xming, but that was last updated in 2007, and of course its 2013, and some of my programs I am forwarding are not working properly. Especially when forwarding java programs. I am able to use my Mac with OSX 10.6 and it works fine, but that's because it was more recent.

Thanks for any help guys.

pan64 05-24-2013 01:38 AM

I think this problem is not related to WDM, but not really sure. You can try cygwin for example.

Predatorian 05-24-2013 12:14 PM

I haven't tried it yet, but at work, it seems to be working well. I updated Cygwin, and added the X11 programs, and I can forward the X11 programs from the remote computer. Now I have to see if it can do it at home. Also, the Cygwin version of Xming was updated this year, so it is a bit more up-to-date, and thus, should work.

Predatorian 09-06-2013 08:31 AM

Cygwin comes with a much more updated version of Xming. Xming works fine, just hasn't been updated since before this post.

pan64 09-07-2013 11:55 AM

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