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xnetradio 01-11-2004 02:07 AM

X-Net Radio! Internet Radio with an attitude!
I just wanted to make this post to inform you of a really cool radio station that exists just around the corner and has found you at last.

This station is called X-Net Radio

The station plays 24/7 of Alternative Rock but that's not the best part of it, they also have three featured shows. So let me begin.

First show - The Jeff & Chew Show

Hosts: Jeff and Chew
When do they broadcast? The Jeff & Chew show broadcasts every Saturday from 7PM to 12PM EST.
Description of their show: Jeff and Chew are the ones that started this radio network and continue to lead it with their high broadcasting skills. They are just crazy and funny.

Second show - Freedom Talk Radio

Hosts: Zeav and Bill
When do they broadcast? Freedom Talk Radio premiers every Sunday night from 7PM (Midnight in London and 11AM in Sydney) to 10PM (3AM in London and 3PM in Sydney)
Description of their show: Freedom Talk Radio is the second show to hit the airwaves of X-Net Radio. It is a show that mixes politics and real current events with comedy. They are all about getting the listeners to interact which means that you (the listener) gets to call their Toll free number and voice your opinion on whatever the topic is. But don't get me wrong, they still get down to good old comedy, go to to download some of their old shows and the best parts of shows (parodies, prank calls, etc.)

Third show - The Burnt Ice Show

Hosts: Ali, Travis and Dave
When do they broadcast? These clowns are featured every Wednesday from 6PM til 9PM
Description of their show: The BurntIce show is the third featured show on X-Net Radio. They basically do their own comedy routine, they really don't know what they are all about so perhaps you should listen and let them know :)

Well, there you have it. Just wanted to inform you of all of these, please visit either
To listen to the streaming music or to listen to the shows.


I hope to have at least one caller from this website this Sunday since i'm the DJ of Freedom Talk Radio. 800 number is post on my site. Thanks for reading.

rshaw 01-11-2004 12:01 PM

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