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jon_k 09-18-2005 06:21 PM

Would you buy a linux bumper sticker?
I'm thinking about starting a small online store that sells many different Linux, BSD, UNIX, and GNU based bumper stickers for your car.

I was wondering how many people would probably buy one of they saw one they liked on the website? 20% of each sale would go to the appropriate organsiation (e.g. if we did a debian sticker, 20% would go to debian)

The reason I'm considering starting up this store is because there isn't really very much good Linux merchandise you can purchase to advocate linux. Since I can't find any, I figure I'd do it myself!

If we get enough money from sales then we'd also move on to T-Shirts, Keyrings, License plate frames and anything else we could brand with Linux slogans and such.

Your thoughts, ideas?

xpression 09-18-2005 06:37 PM

Re: Would you buy a linux bumper sticker?

Originally posted by jon_k
[B]Would you buy a linux bumper sticker?
No, however i would buy a Linux sticker for my box to replace the Windows stickers that have been taken away.

Tinkster 09-18-2005 07:44 PM

Re: Would you buy a linux bumper sticker?

Originally posted by jon_k
Would you buy a linux bumper sticker?

Yes, given that it says Slackware and is small enough to
fit on the lid of my Thinkpad completely :}

Case-badges don't really make sense to me, there's not
that many people sitting at my workstation(s) to make it
a good enough marketing eye-catcher, and I pretty darn
well know what's installed ;}

I wouldn't, however, put a bumper sticker on my car,
no matter what for :}


chemdawg 09-18-2005 08:14 PM

i wouldnt buy a bumper sticker, but the other day i saw a "linux fish", similar to a "Jesus fish" or a "Darwin fish" that I thought was pretty cool. might buy one of those.

BuckRogers01 09-19-2005 01:42 AM

I think there is a bigger market for case badges and small smaller 'use-on-anything' badges. Perhaps you should switch. P.S. Would buy a linx case badge

Chromezero 09-19-2005 06:16 AM

You won't find any bumper sticker of any kind attached to my car's bumper. Ever tried to sell a car that's covered in stickers? However, I would buy Linux stickers of any kind to put on my computers or whatever else I put stickers on. I will agree, there's not much out there in the way of merchandise to display one's love for Linux, etc.

floppywhopper 09-19-2005 06:39 AM

I would download the image
and burn my own sticker

but only if it were released under the GNU licence


ctkroeker 09-19-2005 03:00 PM


Originally posted by floppywhopper
I would download the image
and burn my own sticker

but only if it were released under the GNU licence


Same here. ;)

XavierP 09-19-2005 03:11 PM

I'm moving this to General - it's not technical and, strictly speaking, it's not really a Linux question. Good luck with the shop.

I have no bumper to stick it to - but i do have windows (the transparent thingies), why do you hate us window owners so much :(


angkor 09-19-2005 03:25 PM

I hate bumper stickers. I would never soil my Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S with a vulgar bumper sticker.


celticgeek 09-19-2005 03:34 PM

I have been known to buy (and use) a Linux bumper sticker:

I bought this from:

dismas 09-20-2005 12:11 AM

Sure, I would. I plan on modding and fixing the Jeep till it turns to dust. So the bumper stickers might help hold it together.

enine 09-20-2005 07:56 AM

I'd like to see the case stickers as well, make some flat and thin for laptops so I could stick a little one on the lid.
Window stickers are becoming preferable to bumper sitckers now a days, you should offer both.
How about custom stickers as well, upload your image and have it printer on a bumper/window/case sticker for a small fee.

jtshaw 09-20-2005 01:52 PM

I have 4 or 5 Linux bumper stickers. Mind you, 0 of them are on my actual bumper (or anywhere else for that matter on my car). I do have a little apple sticker in one corner of my rear windshield and a little tux sticker on the other, but they are easy to remove. They also provide symmetry to my angry Buzz and GT logo in the middle:)

masonm 09-22-2005 09:04 AM

Nope, my recumbent bicycle doesn't have any bumper.

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