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Artimus 07-21-2004 12:57 PM

(Windows) Only one Linux box can mount a smb share
I have a strange problem with my network. Let me explain my setup: - Proliant (Slackware-Current) - Celly (Windows XP Home) - K6 (Slackware-Current)

For some reason, only Proliant is able to mount the samba share off of Celly... I know XP has a limit that only X amount of boxes can mount its share. But even when I unmount it on Celly and try on K6, it still gives an error.

About the only difference between the two boxes is that Proliant is on a 100mbps switch with Celly and K6 is connected to a 10mbps hub (yes, my hub is connected to my switch)

I can ping Celly just fine from K6, I've setup a webserver on Celly before and was able to browse just fine.

I don't get it, it worked fine at one point (I've installed five different versions of Linux on K6, no difference)

Maybe I'll use this as my excuse to move Celly back to Win2k (which I liked a LOT better...)


Finlay 07-21-2004 01:12 PM

need to see:
smb.conf on both boxes
error message or log message of what you get when you try to mount and it fails.
also if there is an associated event in the XP event viewer.

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