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InfiniteKnowledgeSeeker 07-08-2013 01:14 PM

(windows 7)combining 3 partitions using command prompt and re-partitioning.
A friend of mine asked me to work on his Acer Aspire E1-531. The problem he had with it was that it had crushed. I have just restored it(using advanced system restore). Now that I am running the computer, I have noticed that he has 3 partitions. Let me break them down.

Local Disk (C:)25.9 GB free of 48.7GB

-contains operating system(windows 7) hense other running essensials. Lets call it the engine

Local Disk (D:)145 GB free of 184 GB

contains movies, music, software setups and games. It is used for storage

Local Disk (F:)16.1 MB free of 99.9 MB

-contains miscelleneous setups(non important partition).
In terms of partitions, what I want to end up with at the end of the day is:
1.(lets call it partition 1) A partition containing the operating system. It shall be 'the engine' of the computer.
2.( " " partition 2) A partition that acts as a rescue disk. A user should be able to boot from this drive incase partition 1 crushes.
3.( " " partition 3)(optional) this partition lets the user stores his/her personal items such as music,movies, e.t.c.(note: it is not a must to have partition 3. All files can do just as well under partition 1.)

-there is only one physical disk.
-all original acer drivers and restore disks are not available(from a fault that basically wiped out everything long ago)
-the hdd in use is not the original acer hdd due to the same fault.
-the windows version is professional. The original one before the fault was starter. The licence for starter is still tattooed under the computer

++ I would like to do the partitioning using command Prompt so I would appreciate that the solutions are provided accordingly ++

***for those who like to solve problems, I have a couple of additional problems***
-this computer has some missing drivers. Hense-
¤ It cannot detect Wireless Networks
¤It cannot be used to play games
¤It cannot operate its web cam
¤Its touchpad has limited functioning.
¤It may also have other driver problems that I have not noticed.
What do I do?
-this computer has no external back up source-
¤I want to create bootable CD's based on the same functionality as partition 2. How do I accomplish this?
// *due to the need for a quick response I may have posted this thread in groups that are not centered on this topic. I apologise for the inconvinience caused, but would like a response from anyone who can help*//

jefro 07-08-2013 02:56 PM

Never a good idea to play with something that is working. Might just leave well enough alone and keep your friend a friend.

Norton makes a tool to move data around and change partitions. The linux version would be a gparted app or live cd with it on. All of them carry risks and you need to consider what the apps say!

A full backup with system state to external/some network media might allow any number of changes. A restore being almost any pro w7 disk and then apply the backup should work to recover. As with any restore where paths are changed there may be issues. Some apps may have data set to a specific point and unmovable.

There are hundreds of ways to do this task.

InfiniteKnowledgeSeeker 07-08-2013 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by jefro (Post 4986458)
Never a good idea to play with something that is working. Might just leave well enough alone and keep your friend a friend.

I hear you. Though, what I aim to accomplish by daring into this is the peace of letting him restore his computer on his own everytime he crushes it. Computer repairs are expensive. DIY is the cheapest way.
Also.. I feel sorry for the state that the laptop is in. No webcam or wireless network capabilities. Im sure you can imagine how difficult that is.

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