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titanium_geek 01-08-2005 09:59 AM

wiki help /outdoorspeople read aswell
Allright, I admit it, I'm a technical person who enjoys hiking as well.
Anyway, my alter-ego titanium_hiker has been contributing to the

The problem is is that it is getting spammed alot. How can we stop this? The LQ wiki seems to have taken off. Does it get any spam? Does it help that there are more users here at LQ?
at the moment it is me, the owner and the spammers who are working on the hammock wiki.

Umm... yeah so thats it really. Can anyone offer tips? or even better if you are an outdoors person head on over and help us out please.

Oh and mods, sorry if this is regarded as blatent advertising. It was meant innocently.


vharishankar 01-08-2005 10:55 AM

The smaller wikis always have this problem of spamming. In the larger wiki communities, generally spam tends to get killed very quickly because of active members.

There are two approaches to the smaller wiki communities to protect spam. Depending on your wiki software you might be able to do one or both of the following:
  • Admin-protect your wiki pages temporarily from being edited. Keep them protected for a while to discourage spammers.
  • Allow only registered members to access the wiki editing features.

titanium_geek 01-09-2005 02:51 PM

thanks Harishankar.

Oh, since this is a problem specifically with smaller wikis, should we migrate the stuff to a larger wiki? How else might we be able to encourage more people to use it?

thanks again.

vharishankar 01-09-2005 08:57 PM

Let me clarify. By smaller wikis, I meant wiki communities that are small. That means that there are a lesser number of genuine contributors and a potentially large number of spam users.

The best way to control this problem is to probably ask your contributors to register at your site. When your community grows bigger and bigger, you can allow guests to edit and add to the wiki.

Promoting a wiki is also tough. It's up to you do decide: If you think it's not worthwhile maintaining your own wiki, then you might consider moving your content to an existing wiki which has a larger community of genuine contributors.

titanium_geek 01-10-2005 06:36 AM

yeah, I guess the hammock wiki is small in both senses... it is not a massive 6 volume encyclopedia, it also does not have many users.
I was thinking that since many usefull people haven't found it yet, it might be an idea to move it to a larger (as in more traffic) wiki of the hiking community. (this would probably be larger in the volume/mass/length/breadth/depth sense because of the larger user base)

However, I like the idea of users... sort of. We are slowly getting ahead of the spammers. Yay!

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