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dEnDrOn 07-11-2011 05:21 AM

which OS do you like most ?
please vote for your favourite Operating System.

TobiSGD 07-11-2011 05:28 AM

Is such a poll on a Linux forum not simply pointless?

chrisretusn 07-11-2011 05:36 AM

I suppose it is, but I do have a favorite OS and it's not Linux; it's OS/2, I still use it too. Another favorite that I use is OS X, waiting for the Lion to roar. :)

dEnDrOn 07-11-2011 05:50 AM


Originally Posted by TobiSGD (Post 4411420)
Is such a poll on a Linux forum not simply pointless?

i didn't think that way....:)

Arcane 07-11-2011 08:10 AM

Bit unfair poll since Linux and BSD is cost free and Windows and Mac is something to pay for(we all know people hate Win and Mac because of that not because they are badly wrongly made)..anyway my favourite OS is one that just works when needed.

onebuck 07-11-2011 08:53 AM

Moved: This thread is more suitable in <General> and has been moved accordingly to help your thread/question get the exposure it deserves.

SL00b 07-11-2011 09:02 AM

Terrible question. It's like asking what's your favorite tool. My favorite tool is the one that does the best job for the specific thing I'm trying to accomplish at any particular moment in time.

SigTerm 07-11-2011 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by dEnDrOn (Post 4411414)
which OS do you like most ?

None of them. Every OS have some kind of problem, so there are no favorites and you could say I dislike all of them. I use whatever gets the job done.

brianL 07-11-2011 09:42 AM

The one I'm using now.

ButterflyMelissa 07-11-2011 02:52 PM


A bit obvious, but still. By the way, there is an OS/2 fan in here! Cool!!! I was into that when lose311 was around, I liked it for the pre-emptive multitasking.

Did'nt know that was still around :)


dugan 07-11-2011 02:53 PM

The only reason you included the poll was to make it harder to merge this into the Windows vs Linux thread, wasn't it.

BTW, I agree with the people who said the question is terrible. Linux isn't my favorite OS for playing games, for example.

////// 07-15-2011 12:18 PM

My favorite is OpenBSD, linux second, then windows :P
Security first, then comes usability, last is gaming.

-demo- 07-15-2011 03:31 PM

In all honesty, I actually claim Linux has my favorite, O/S.
The reason not being because we are on a Linux based forum but because of GNU/Linux's feature set and abilities.

Let's be honest, no one likes to be scammed by gimmicks, so why do other O/S developers charge money for features that a super user would use?

Linux's support for 32bit PAE (Physical Address Extension) mode for instance, well for a while 4 gigabytes of RAM has been the standard, so then why does Microsoft exclude this feature in Basic all the way to Ultimate edition? In fact you can only enable more then 4 gigabytes of memory on there server editions. I don't see how this option effects the price tag. I don't mind paying for software at all, but when developers do things like this it bugs me, because really there is no reason for it.

Linux can also run all binaries doesn't matter if there 4 bits, 8 bits, 16 bits, 32 bits or 64 bits, Microsoft claims when in 64 bit mode 16 bits can not be accessed...This is not true at all! The real reason is they simply dropped compatibility support. Why lie? Why not just tell people that support for 4~16 bit binaries as been discontinued.

Older protocol support is another plus on why I like Linux, doesn't matter what bit mode I am in I still have SLIP, IPX, TCP/IP, and a whole bunch more... these actually are useful for gamers that use DOSEmu or DOSBox because they can be used with TCP/IP to encapsulate whatever protocol might be used for older software. Allowing real Dukematchers to play the original Duke 3D the was it was meant to be played. :)

The bad parts of Linux are the lack of games that are commercially developed. The WINE project works wonders but is not perfect, has its bugs and those don't always get fixed as fast as possible. So yes Windows in this way is better, but that is not a deal breaker for me, most of all my software works within WINE or runs naively.

On the business end Linux suffers a blow on the desktop because of it's lack of exchange support. But that is not really and issue because with a willing boss the company can ditch exchange for something that is more friendly for Linux and friends.

Linux is best for what I do daily and I would never switch to anything else. It does everything I want it to and nothing more. :)

John VV 07-15-2011 03:38 PM

none of those are "operating systems "
they are platforms

There is NO OS called "linux"
-- there is RHEL,SELS ,Ubuntu, fedora ...--

There is NO OS called "Microsoft Windows "
-- there is 98, ME,XP,vista,7 ---

There is NO OS called "Mac OS X"

MrCode 07-15-2011 03:46 PM


There is NO OS called "Mac OS X"
I thought that was supposed to be short for "Macintosh Operating System 10"… :scratch:

Besides that, I thought the underlying system of Mac OS X was called "Darwin"…and the kernel "Mach".

I'm no expert on OS X, so if anyone knows better, don't hesitate to correct me. :p

As for "which OS I like the best", I don't think it's really fair to vote; this is a Linux forum, after all. :p

Basically anything UNIX-like, as it interests me. :D

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