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dinolinux 09-26-2005 05:45 AM

Which desktop environment do you use?
Just wondering, which desktop environment do you all use? Personally I like KDE because it looks good and has a good foundation. How about you?

LinuxSeeker 09-26-2005 07:37 AM

I use KDE too because it's the default desktop in Slax. ;)

reddazz 09-26-2005 08:15 AM

I'm sure there have been several polls like this, so a search may give you more stats.

AlexV 09-26-2005 06:47 PM

GNOME is The One True Linux Desktop Environment ;)

Hangdog42 09-26-2005 08:39 PM

2004 Window Manager of the Year Poll

2004 Desktop Environment of the Year poll

cs-cam 09-27-2005 02:12 AM

I use Fluxbox because I know a lot of it's ins-and-outs and it's easier than learning the same about another window manager.

gescom 09-27-2005 07:03 AM

I like fluxbox as I tend to use both gtk2 gnome and kde apps and I find it makes for a more consistent and simple desktop. The one feature that I like the most about fluxbox is enabling the mouse scroll wheel to swtich between workspaces. VERY handy and fast!

I have to say that both the Gnome and Kde desktops are brilliant and its amazing that they are freely distributable. Of the two I prefer Gnome as its more MacOS like.

logicalfuzz 09-27-2005 07:42 AM

just installed it on my LFS system and i simply love it. its light-weight and there's so much to learn and to make it asthetically more apealing and functionally more accurate. its more of a learning experience with fluxbox.
before that i used kde. i am a big fan of that too. personally i dont like gnome... simply because it looks so much like windows (and finding things were a bit frustrating there)... may be i am wrong.... thats only my view. no hard feelings gnome fans.. ;)

gescom 09-27-2005 08:02 AM

Kde's taskbar and 'cough' start menu 'cough' are more windows like imo!

I remember using an earlier version of Gnome where the top corners of the display were rounded off exactly as MacOS does.

linuxmanju 09-27-2005 08:05 AM

i will go with rat-poison ...
plane ol xinit+ratpoison rocks

oneandoneis2 09-27-2005 08:32 AM

FVWM2. Still the best!

scuzzman 09-30-2005 05:56 AM

I usually use Enlightenment, but since it isn't on your list, I voted my secondary, fluxbox.

Ahmed 10-01-2005 01:00 AM

GNOME!!! First environment I used, went through KDE and fluxbox shortly, but I feel most comfy with Gnome. But KDE apps are also nice, which is why I prefer to have Gnome and KDE on the same system.


phil.d.g 10-01-2005 03:10 AM


From the start I haven't really liked KDE so I used gnome but since February'ish I have been using blackbox

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