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CragStar 07-16-2001 01:10 PM

Whats the best Graphics Card for best perfromance in Linux?
I am intending to buy a graphic card for my PC, to be able to run the latest games in Linux. BUT......

Which one do you recommend? I was thinking of the GeForce2 AGP 32mb card, but wasn't sure. What about the TNT cards? I think that nVidia provides the best support, so would like to get one of theirs. Any thoughts?

jharris 07-16-2001 01:12 PM

If I were in your position I'd find out from the Windows gaming world what they recon the top few cards are, then take the one that has the best X support. I've seen some really good cards that crawled under X as they didn't have accelerated X server for them.



jago25_98 06-19-2003 08:35 AM

same here
I'm in the same position.

Considering a nvidia card but unsure because I'd like the drivers to continued to be developed via openSource and I'm guessing this is unlikely due to semi closed drivers.

So I'm also thinking about matrox and ATI. I believe 3D support from ATI is now closed and no longer DRI?

Do matrox do opne drivers?

If possible I'd like a card that needs no other drivers than those from the XFree DRI project.

Failing all that I suppose Matrox is best if you don't want 3D and NVidia for 3D at the time of writing (ATi not yet very tried+tested in the long run by linux users).

(btw if you need 2 monitors connected matrox do the best support but adding a pci card (not pass-through Voodoo) should do it also.

jharris 06-19-2003 08:43 AM

Blimey! This thread is a blast from the past! Almost 2 years old...


cokeonice 06-19-2003 04:42 PM

Graphics card
Well, I have an nVidia GeForce TI4200 128MB DDR.

My system is a WinXP box BUT I downloaded Gentoo's LiveCD for America's Army. It is preconfigured for the nVidia (and one other). The graphics in the game rock!! Even better than when I run the game under WinXP!

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