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brynjarh 07-05-2004 04:23 PM

What is a LUG(Linux User Group)?

david_ross 07-05-2004 04:26 PM

Acorsing to Foldoc:

Linux User Group
<body, Linux> (LUG) Any organisation of Linux users in a local area, university, etc., that offers mutual technical support, companionship with people of similar interests, and promotes the use of Linux among computer users generally.

LUGs often hold Install Fests for the general public, in which experienced Linux users explain and supervise the installation of Linux on new users' systems.

XavierP 07-05-2004 04:26 PM

It's a Group of Linux Users :)

Seriously, it's a local group who meet to discuss Linux, to have "install days" where they can provide help and advice on installing Linux and other things. Have a look at the stickies in the Linux User Group forum - there are a number of links about LUGs.

brynjarh 07-05-2004 05:00 PM

Cool, I wonder if there is one in Iceland..

XavierP 07-05-2004 05:04 PM - has a few hits. Maybe one is close to you. If so, join it and show them our LUG forum.

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