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berrance 03-02-2005 12:26 PM

unbelievable nero error in XP
i know this isnt a linux question or even a question but i found this to hard to believe realy it isnt even a windows problem but a nero burningrom problem

recianly we get the new version of nero burning rom 6 installed worked great. we got a virus on windows and to remove it we had to go into safe mode fiar anough but safe mode wouldnt boot eventually we re-installed windows re-installed all the saftware and drivers including nero and connected to the internet last to update the virus definitions and updated norton firewall and then disconnected from the internet needed to be in sae mode again but for some thing els same problem so we re installed windows agian first thing we did was boot into safe mode, safe mode worked. next thing we did was install norton firewall and anti virus then connected to the internet and updated them both then tryed going into safe mode and it still worked se we installed program by program and after installing each program tested safe mode and it was when we put the second releas os nero6 on it stopped working and when re uninstalled nero safe mode worked again, i could possably understand it if this was a downloaded version of nero but this is a proper oem copy that came with a new drive. in the end we put the original nero 6 on and safe mode workes with that version on.

i just cant believ the problem nero has in its program to me it isnt just a big problem its a huge problem and very anoying and time consuming

has anybody els had the same problem with the second release of nero 6 on windows?


snecklifter 03-02-2005 02:00 PM

Seriously dude, thats incredibly bad form asking those kind of questions here. Re-post in the forum at

berrance 03-02-2005 03:09 PM

you sound like a soar huddersfield giants fan after the other week when blackloac nearly had 7 trys over you - lol just kidding just out of intrest are you a huddersfield giants fan? i know this is not i sporting forum its just i like cumming accross other Rugby league fans hear

snecklifter 03-02-2005 03:19 PM

League? Piffle! Union all the way mate. I'm a born and bred kiwi you see. Lived for a bit in Oz too - you like league you should seriously catch some of those games - top quality.

berrance 03-02-2005 03:33 PM

i do catch some of the luegue games every home and away hull fc game and no onion for me lol thou i do preffer onion to football and coming to the uk from new zealand you need your head testing well huddersfield is a nice place especialy the goerge hotel where rugby league began.

any bay back ontopic i might nip over to the site you suggested especialy with this site been over loaded at the min at least i think it is as every other site loads up in 1-2 econds and its taking about 5 minuets to load a page on hear with over 1000 users on line aswell. i just suppose it shows what an exelant and popular kkep up the good work LQ

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