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Jeff91 10-13-2010 01:21 PM

Ubuntu E17 Live DVD
I am working on a pet project of making a useable, modern, and most importantly pretty E17 Desktop. My current build is built on top of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. A summary of it can be found here and you can find a torrent download for the Live/installable DVD here.

I am looking for input on what people think of my little Live disc - issues you come across etc.


alan_ri 10-14-2010 05:31 AM

Hello Jeff!

I am always glad to see that people are working on the projects like you are. When I find some time I'll be glad to try your live DVD. I didn't see on your blog list of packages included in the DVD and few words about preconfigured repos would be nice to see, too. Maybe E17 repo on his own would be a good thing, if you're gonna work on it.

Heh, if this is going to work, you'll need a site for it, because people might need forums, wiki etc. :) For example, look where Mint is now... and when it happened, it only had codecs and few more things, like green colour that was different from Ubuntu!

One more question, do you have plans for making the same thing but with another distro as a base? Have you tried already?

Regards, Alan.

Jeff91 10-14-2010 04:54 PM

Thanks for the input alan,

I have become friends with the creator of Pinguy OS, so when my project reaches a mature level (hopefully by my next release or two) I am going to brand it as "Pinguy E17" and piggy back on his forums and website. I use the Ubuntu repos, the Mint repos for their updater package, and then a few of the extra ones that Pinguy uses as well.

As far as an E17 repo goes - getting the SVN downloads to compile as debs is still beyond my ability (checkinstall fails to work). I am going to work on making this happen by year's end, but odds are this first disc will be released with the E17 packages installed, not using DPKG.

As for other distros as a base, while I've used a pile of different distros, Ubuntu is the only one I have played with enough to start tweaking it to this extent. If you get a chance to use the DVD please let me know what you think :D


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