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stf92 06-07-2013 09:08 PM

Trying to install FreeDOS in my machine.
Hi: I'd like to install FreeDOS on my hard disk but have the four primary partitions occupied. I have two 20GB partitions for two OSs, including linux, one for the linux swap and the fourth, which is very large, occupying the rest of the disk, which NTFS-3G, and which I use to store very large files that must be accessible from the non-linux OS (/store).

The partition I want to use is the large one. However, FreeDOS needs FAT32, which can't support the 400GB of this partition. But I could repartition the big one into one 1GB primary partition for FreeDOS and 399GB for /store. The thing is, how do I do it? That is, I need three primary partitions for the two OSs and the linux swap, leaving only one for FreeDOS. So, I cannot have an extended partition for /store, which is a problem. Could I have the linux swap on a logical partition?

NOTE: /store is at present the only partition without an OS, save that of the swap.

stf92 06-08-2013 04:59 AM

I installed FreeDOS on a logical partition and lilo was able to boot it! Thanks anyways.

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