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ajaxStardust 10-26-2012 11:36 AM

Trickled Own Eco Menagerie: Oh Riorio She Dances in the sand; the lined mirror face.
…and whether pigs ding-a-ling-lang... you know like, Al Joergenson, &... nevermind.

i just wanted to say. i might be a real ass of an attendant, but i realize that real people put real thought into trying to help, and it ain't easy when you fall, but i desire, most sincere, to come hither my boy, and have no more beer. Benjamin Zoe Daisy Soppieeng

(taste of mynt sara so brightly shyne)

knew this guy, we'd call him "Mint jelly", he was on the lam. it's a stupid joke, i never got it 'till i once forced down some gamey xmas lamb, so drunk, fell asleep w/ the head on the plate- classic scene, i suppose. now they more cool, fi eat the oranges, which helps great deal for the narco-boggles.

fkkrs used to gimme ate E telegrams a day, down to four tea days, as many nights.

Problems, man, I've had a few. How's that go?
What i'm trying to say. Forgive me. It's all like Tracey Chapman. Everything of the universe might be explained, via some Tracey Chapman tune. Or Syd Barrett, actually.

read something, won't you please, take me out of this life:
once upon a time, there were a lot of drunk college kids, and i had a hard drug problem. and the rest goes a little some'n like this: (hit it!)

P.S. my, oh-my! do't you so enjoy my crap-hat CMS? haha... it's kina cool though. real easy on the static content. Chords And Scales dot Info "Media" -- like Doctor Steve Breuhl might employ some lesser effective mnemonic device(s).

I love you. Yes. Uh huh. I really do. It's true. Uh huh. I do.

enjoy the hell out of that live show, though, please! It's crap for recording (however, sennhausser < sp? >, badass stereo mic). I you use AIMP3 (media player), or any such as JetAudio, which provide that "Widen", or so-called-"Stereo-enhancement" DSP, you can manage a decent mix out of it. Typically, i wouldn't wipe my neighbor's dog's ahw ssshut yo mouth! with it (just talking bout crappy DSP!)

ajaxStardust 10-16-2013 02:42 AM

URL Malfunction - REPAIRED
the URL, as cited above, is unstable.
(e.g. i believe it's a GoDaddy masked redirect, or some such, resulting in improper resolve)

Instead, please use:

No idea what you're supposed to do there, but at the URL cited in this reply is the most base, unmasked version of the location on the server.

Enjoy. Or don't.

I use ChordsAndScales.Net for it seems the easier was for remembering. ChordsAndScales.INFO is used also, but I believe they direct to two separate URLs. Go figure.

Thank you for your interest. Best wishes.
Be well. Stay well!

P.S. I believe what i'm trying to get the reader to do is to listen to music media containing performance featuring this Uzer on electric guitar.
Since this original post, i've realized how easy this music industry demise has come to be, for it is so easy to /YouTube/ just about anything. And so I did.
Screw my crap CMS and Server!
instead {YouTube} search for that same media using "E-Nation - EOT - Tool" , etc., or check the rest of the videos uploaded by username ajaxStardust (aka. Roque Starr... [sp?]).


Habitual 10-16-2013 12:05 PM


Not sure I'd ignore a guy who used the word "nomenclature". I was impressed, but now, not so sure...

We live in interesting times.

ajaxStardust 10-16-2013 01:27 PM

Impressed by “Nomenclature”? Is that not like U.S. High-School elementary vocabulary? :sigh: what do i know? I know One Thing: I know how i scum.

I do not believe I used such a term-- at least-- in this text.
Furthermore, “[nomenclature] it's just a .. word... so people like you...” (see continuance, here: )
(uh, yeah, that's a joke, so this is the part where the reader is urged to guffaw!)

It's true, however, one might be inclined or, moreover, advised to ignore the likes of me. Ignorance is, after all-- so they say-- one means toward a blissful existence.

For the record, RE: caffeine VS de-caf? I don't consume caffeine. Half-life is too long, and it is-- for lack of better rhetoric-- a poor solution for achieving a state of wakefulness. It's a horrible addiction; for those of you who haven't the ways and means for less harmful; more effective neruo-stimulation, contrary to my fortune, or unfortunate circumstance, depending upon point of view (e.g. ADD / Narcolepsy = Rx grade, such as _dder_ll and Me__ylph__idate , and their ilk. Provigil is pretty damn good, btw, but far too damn expensive!)

Believe me, i'd rather be /normal/ E.g. no sleep disorder, but Adderall keeps me from dying during sleep. [see central apnea, as the adult manifestation of S.udden I.nfant D.eath S.yndrom {aka. SIDS} ].
Alas, we are expected to play the cards we are dealt: I've folded, many times!
Yet still, I endeavor again, to play that game.

I ask your forgiveness, as a courtesy, but I do not owe any such kindness to a stranger, however strange myself.
I must remark for I am quite pleased by the kindness with which I've been treated, here. Thus, I return, when I find myself exhausted in attempts to solve problems, without success, sans third-party assistance.

And what a way for me to follow @Habitual , right off-the-rails (pun intended), that this thread has by now been run slightly off-track, and in no small part through my own poor driving!
To be true, I'm not certain there ever was a meaning, or a direction for the tread, so-- by the by-- why Ye readers too hop aboard this willy-nilly train; see where this thing might take us!

Best regards,
Your unbiased friend, unconditionally, and uncencored as he shall always be:

wish for a more vivid dissection that you might mock some strut of vivisection, of this poor, poor, desperate, desperate creature?
I invite you, indulge yourself:
he Authors: ; www.NoviceNotes.Net ; www.ChordsAndScales.Info
he rock-star:

Habitual 10-20-2013 02:05 PM

Yeah, I made a mistake, go figure.
I 'saw' nomenclature there and associated "Andrews" as Andrews Air Force base.
Nomenclature being Military nomenclature, very few civilians use it.

I do know your "joke" wasn't funny.
You don't know anything about me.
I beg you to reconsider, and apologize.

You're off to a bad start.

Sick of double-talkin' jive rhetoric?
The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill. They call me the Big Pill.


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