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Benny7440 06-23-2019 02:48 PM

Toshiba laptop, win 10 & forgotten Admin pwd: ¿can linux help?
If this's the wrong forum for this feel free to move it to a better one, but notify me, please!

I haven't used that laptop in over a year, so I forgot the Admin PWD. After searching the web for a solution decided to try ISeePassword because it said that it could be used for creating a usb bootable disk with all that was needed for resetting or clearing the need for a pwd at that computer.

The app was d/l at a Macbook G4, and according to the app page, my OS version is capable of making the usb with the app. The problem is that I never found a way of installing the app.

I tried at the same laptop with a second app but experienced the same problem. I also found an old BartPE cd but failed to boot at the Toshiba. Stumbled then with an Ubuntu 10.* cd and this booted but, having the d/l files somewhere don't know how to handle them within linux to produce a functioning usb for the purpose.

I'm writing this from an Android tablet (Fire 5th Generation). What's the most direct approach to solving this within my present environment?

Thanks in advanced for any info concerning this issue!

fatmac 06-23-2019 03:38 PM

Maybe this will help.

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