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enorbet 09-30-2020 02:31 AM

Since there have been the rather common objections to the conclusion that much of climate change has been human caused, with the counter that this is just normal climate cycles on planet Earth, and more casting doubt as to whether CO2 levels are actually an accurate indicator, here is a very silly (and I think often hilarious) but also very serious layman assessment in a funny video with actual recorded data explaining

1) How the data has been collected
2) How long the data has been collected
3) How and why that data gives us an accurate representation of the climate cycles on Earth for nearly 1 million years

WARNING: The silly humor has a Monty Python UK-Centric feel to it so if you either don't get it or don't enjoy it, well maybe don't watch this one unless you can grin and bear it for the purpose of a well-presented, deep dive argument. It's really very objective, exploring alternative causes and is rather illuminating in a difficult area of Science and Economics.

Anyway, here for your perusal is

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