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cousinlucky 06-02-2009 03:16 PM

Time Warner wants more money!
On Staten Island Time Warner Cable has a monopoly on cable service. So all over Staten Island ( except for the large apartment buildings ) you will see satelite dishes used for TV reception and you will see trucks with workers laying Verizon's FIOS cables.

Time Warner's future rip off is discussed on the link below:

Jeebizz 06-02-2009 03:37 PM

Well let them continue their idiotic strategy. All they are doing is shedding more and more customers. I was briefly on Time Warner when my previous service (Comcast) was acquired by them. Soon after we already jumped ship, because we knew just how lousy TW is, and went with Verizon's FIOS for tv & net. Right after we switched, TW came begging, literally a rep from TW came to our door, offering 'deals' that of course were only good for 6 months, and even admitted that the price would rise again afterwards.

Verizon really kicked TW in the nuts when it comes to both service and price, and TW has been eating shit ever since. Its their own fault that they can't see passed their own hubris that somehow they are the 'end all, be all telcom company'. Wait till Verizon gets even a bigger hold of the customers on Staten Island, and just see how they will squirm afterwards.

Crito 06-05-2009 04:26 AM

Just be glad you're not living in a free market society or there would be so many choices you wouldn't know what to do. Capital monopolists rule! Time Warner is too big to lose! The (new) economy depends on you overpaying for lousy products and services!

Crito 06-05-2009 05:16 AM

Plus Al Quida space terrorists pose a real and present danger. So please support the president's new anti-satellite terrorism bill which mandates all people in the USA use cable connections only. Our national security depends on your cooperation. But feel free to debate your loss of liberty and the end of free-market competition while we continue to rape and pillage the constitution.

These restriction, of course, will not apply to corporations with market capitalizations greater than a billion.

Thanks again for your cooperation! Capitalism is safe and secure!

rsciw 06-05-2009 06:55 AM

"Al Quida space terrorists"??

pixellany 06-05-2009 07:23 AM

From Time-Warner cable to "Al-Qaeda** space terrorists"? I'm sorry, my brain will not move that fast.......

In our neighborhood, we now have a choice between---would you believe---Time Warner and Verizon FIOS--each one offering TV, Internet, and Phone. As far as I can tell, they are very competitive on price. We now have TW for cable and Verizon (POTS) + DSL. It is very attractive to switch to all-digital, but we had a previous bad experience woth VOIP, which creates some hesitation.

Regardless, there is competition and choice---I really fail to see the issue.

**From wikipedia:
Al-Qaeda, alternatively spelled al-Qaida and sometimes al-Qa'ida

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