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KungFuHamster 06-23-2003 12:20 AM

Time To Sing The "Happy Happy Joy Joy" Song!
After five months of gritting my teeth and putting up with a crappy free webhost that stifled what little traffic I got with slowdowns, server outages, and popups, I finally got a decent web host! w00t!

No more popups, no more database problems!

Yay me! :D

MasterC 06-23-2003 12:46 AM


Congratulations :)


JesseJames 06-23-2003 04:57 PM

This is the point where you tell us which host you are using and which you used to use so that nobody else ends up with it.

KungFuHamster 06-23-2003 05:19 PM

Old Host - Coolfreepages

New Host - iPowerWeb

neo77777 06-23-2003 07:24 PM

Congrats, I want to add my joy story - after struggling in IT as an intern I got a full-time position as a Network Specialist with partial resposibilities on UNIX side (70% networking, 30% UNIX w00t)

moeminhtun 06-24-2003 02:45 AM



mcleodnine 06-24-2003 02:57 AM

Congrats on your new home hamster. so is it like, uh, a Habitrail server?

Holy crap neo. You're legit now. Does that mean we can lean on you with some more questions? :)

I've been singing happy-happy joy-joy ever since I finally installed clamav with my qmail setup. way cool! (yeah, yeah... simple pleasures and all that)

neo77777 06-24-2003 07:05 PM

I think it is going to be all the way around I am going to lean on you guys :) 'cause the networking aspect of the job is still in the blure for me but I am learining more and more everyday.

largo 06-25-2003 01:59 PM


Originally posted by KungFuHamster
Old Host - Coolfreepages

New Host - iPowerWeb

I also use iPowerWeb and very happy with it, would highly recomend it.

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