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carlosinfl 10-17-2010 01:43 PM

Things I Dislike About Google Chrome
I really enjoyed trying out this browser and it's speed is hard to ignore. I have always been a Firefox supported / user since it was called "Firebird". I was excited to try it but it does fall short in so many little ways that build up and makes me realize this is a very young and underdeveloped browser. I wanted to list things I experienced with Chrome that annoy me. And all these things are subjective obviously but I will not blame the browser for sites that don't properly code their HTML and or support Chrome. I think that is due to poor web design and not the fault of the browser...

1. Font is not fully supported like Firefox. For some reason Chrome requires a plugin to support fully customized font changes.

2. The download bar must be manually closed after every single download. Very annoying.

3. When you run the scroll bar all the way up or down a page, it will dump the browser back to the bottom if you run off too far rather than just leaving the browser where it last was moved to.

There are a few more but I wanted to get this list started and see if any other Linux users had any comments and or things about Chrome they would love to see fixed as this browser matures.


seamuscristo 10-17-2010 01:52 PM

i haven't tried chrome yet, but I'm told I might switch to it in order to solve some of my n00b issues with Ubuntu 10.4
I recall having tried Chrome on a mac and running back to firefox post haste.

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