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oookiezooo 12-02-2005 01:38 PM

The FAT/NTFS file system
Hi there, this seems a little strange but i have to research the FAT and NTFS file system for a project, and as Microsoft seem to provide very littl information about their own products i wondered if anybody here has any knowledge (probably from having to work around all MS problems!)

What i'm particualrly interested in is the way in which the file systems handle files when they are moved / copied / deleted etc

Sounds simple enough huh? but all i can find is information about boot sectors, privacy settings and patents!

So basically, if anybody has any information or can point me in the direction of some good information i would be most greatful.

Of course, information on Linux / Unix / Mac file systems is also appreciated, but lets face it, i don't have any problems researching these filesystems :)

Thanks in advance


PTrenholme 12-02-2005 01:54 PM

Both the FAT file system and (some) NTFS file system information can be found in the source code available from for example, here for FAT or here for NTFS.

(Results from a quick Google.)

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