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DJOtaku 01-10-2009 11:52 AM

The best VPS

Up until now I've been running a server from my home cable connection on Linux and FreeBSD computers. This might no longer be possible for me as Comcast might decide to shut off port 80 if they want. (They recently shut off port 25) Or if I switch to FiOS, I know they block port 80.

So I want to keep running my own server - so I can have mysql, apache, PHP, etc for my Wordpress sites.

What, in your experience is a good VPS company?

My site was getting about 30k-40k hits per month. (not day or hour)


lleb 01-10-2009 03:15 PM

if you are happy with the service, and i can not see that as your provider is Comcast, instead of port 80 just use 8080 it is also a known popular HTTP port and should allow you to continue serving from the home.

If not contact John Simpson at he hosts my sites and is fair in price with good bandwidth.

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