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JakeX 07-07-2006 11:15 PM

Suggestion for a Hardware firewall for VOIP SW?
Hi my company is looking for a firewall solution for our Sysmaster SW platform (we think its a scam for $2000.00 for an IPTABLES based firewalll module under linux.. via the interface). We don't get root access (don't ask its part of their support contract.. its BS)

Can anyone suggest a hardware firewall? Cisco? Firebox? Preferably something that is under the $600 price tag. (Ebayable! :D) (and no a linux box is not an option as we need a 1U rackmount, plus that would make it over $600)

The ones we have looked at, but are unsure of are:
WatchGuard Firebox 1000
WatchGuard Firebox X500

Cisco PIX-506E-BUN-K9 Firewall
or any Cisco PIX 5xx series?

Thanks, appreciate any and all suggestions, also curious how similar companies deal with the firewall less issue with Voicemaster / Sysmaster SW. As we are still under their support contract. (Before we changed the root password to one we used, but thats not possible while under contract).

Anyways, anyone have experience with any one of the above firewalls? We need something to for a VOIP softswitch.

Appreciate any and all suggestions...

:) :D

JakeX 07-10-2006 10:25 AM

hmm.. guess wrong place to post since its a linux forum.. but figured a couple system admins might know.. hopefully someone does..

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