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jdevanand 04-15-2002 11:16 AM

Solaris GUI
i have installed Solaris 8 on my intel machine. But i could'nt start the GUI. How can i start the GUI..any command like "startx". I have installed using the 2 installation disks . do i need to install the GNOME 1.4 desktop to get the GUI . how to install GNOME 1.4 desktop from the CD. "HOW CAN I GET THE COMMON DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT".

kindly help me..


soyyo 08-21-2002 12:31 AM

same question
id like to know the same. i recently was asked to help in networking a solaris with a win 2000 machine. id like to know if sharing works the same as in windows or if the folder or drive to be shared must be mounted, and if so, how? i think a gui would simplify things. actually i think the solaris machine has it cause it has an x11 folder. its just normally run as command prompt.


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