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TheGeneralsLounge 03-30-2007 09:42 PM

so, what's happening?
I'm procrastinating today and this is why!
Tuesday, my ole faithful pc died so had to remover it from the front area. Wednesday, webserver died - im a reseller, so im not all that ofay on server stuff yet but from what i've been told, the routing went pffft and so did a RAID driver. The server providers installed a backup - from march 11 so i've lost 2-300 hours work (i thought they backed up more regularly - my bad) so now i have to rebuild my webbys and those of my clients. The hard way, my lessons are being learnt the hard way! ah well.

I'm trying to build my own web server to keep in the shop (cyber cafe), doing alright, LQ forum searches are helping me like nothing else!

My footy team is playing today! Good ole Collingwood forever!!!

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