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RandomTroll 07-10-2019 12:36 PM

'Smartphone-Based Detection of Middle Ear Fluid'

'users download a smartphone application, through which they play a chirp of sound into the child's ear canal. The sound reflects off the ear drum and is picked up by the phone's microphone. A machine learning algorithm then interprets the sound and determines whether fluid is present. The only attachment needed is a small, easy-to-construct paper funnel.'

jsbjsb001 07-10-2019 12:52 PM

I've always wanted to be able to detect a child's "middle ear fluid"... would you like to detect how much wax there is with that...

yummy :rolleyes:

273 07-10-2019 01:11 PM

A vast improvement over the "choose your own path" family-diagnostic books of my childhood.
With a few cheap tests a whole lot of childhood misery and death could be avoided and this seems like a step in the right direction.

dugan 07-10-2019 01:25 PM

EDIT: Never mind. Brain fart

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