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rrsc16954 03-17-2008 09:34 PM

Rescuing Thunderbird emails in broken Windows partition from Mandriva
I am trying to rescue emails from Thunderbird in a broken XP partition to Thunderbird in Mandriva in a dual boot.

In each system I can see 2 folders (directories) in the 'mail' folder: 'Local Folders' and ''. In the Local Folder I can see 'Inbox' with size 8mb. In I see Inbox with size 0 'empty document'.

Is it the Local Folder 'Inbox' I am trying to move? How do I do it?

Please help. I have rescued most of the data (500gb hdd) but can't see how to get my emails.

[I broke the XP partition by resizing to make room for Mandriva. It worked and warned me next time I booted XP it would do a disk check. So I tried to do another resize... I have tried all sorts with Hiren's boot disk but have not been able to boot XP. It shows up on GRUB but doesn't boot.]

unSpawn 03-17-2008 10:04 PM

In Mandriva open Thunderbird and add a POP3 account named "TEST" and close it. Copy the XP "Inbox" to the folder /home/yourname/.thunderbird/profilename/Mail/TEST/. Open Thunderbird in offline mode and go to the "TEST" accounts Inbox. If it doesn't display e-mail then rightclick Inbox, select properties and rebuild the index. BTW the "Inbox" file is plain text so you should be able to read it anyway and so will any other MUA that accepts the mbox format.

rrsc16954 03-18-2008 07:13 AM

Thanks for your response. I have set up the TEST account and copied the Inbox. I have done the 'rebuild index' thing.

When I go to Account Settings and Server Settings I can see the TEST folder displayed as the Local Folder but when I choose 'browse' the files are greyed out. I have tried right-clicking 'Local Folders' and choosing 'import all emails from a folder' but when I open the TEST folder the files are greyed out.

I JUST GOT THEM - I clicked on tools, then 'Import/Export in mbox/eml format' and followed the trail to my XP folder. In Thunderbird there is now a second inbox button under the normal one and I can see all my older emails in the original format. It was very easy (after I had done it).

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