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Khalinsar 01-03-2006 08:01 PM

Recovering a NTFS partition
Today my NTFS partition failed, and I can't start windows (blue screen of death) neither mount the NTFS partition on Linux. Since I have some files that are extremely useful there, I need to recover the partition.
ntfsfix didn't work. fsck can't handle the ntfs partition. I googled for some answers and I found some people using a fsck.ntfs, but I simply don't have that command.
Trying to recover from the repair console on windows install cd, running the command chkdsk didn't work either ("one or more unrecoverable problems").
So, does anyone know any program for linux that could try to fix the partition? Any suggestions?

Oh, btw, I use suse linux 10.

Thank you all very much!

KimVette 01-03-2006 08:20 PM

Not for Linux, but there is a program called R-studio you may want to check out at

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