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mattengland 10-09-2005 01:09 PM

Recommended sysadmin books or book lists?

I'm looking for resources that provide lists of and ratings for recommended Linux sysadmin books.


I am helping to get a friend of mine up to speed as a Linux sysadmin. He plans to admin a Fedora-Core-based web and email server running a variety of applications.

I am a long-time sysadmin for a variety of Unix systems, most recently Linux, and I run my own web and email server. I of course have some of my books I can reference to my friend, but many are several years old (some of them over 10 years old).

I am hoping that there may be some resources on the web that the community here can point me to that can provide a list of the most-popular and/or best-critiqued sysadmin-oriented books for a new Linux sysadmin.

I have my own specific, favorite references for applications like qmail, postfix, Apache, MySQL, etc. Further references for these are also welcome. For now, I'm looking for the "best" general Linux sysadmin books for now, possibly with a slant towards web-and-email server admin.

(I attempted some brief searches for things like "recommended books" in these forums, but did not turn up anything. Sorry if this is a faq.)

Thanks for any help,

mattengland 10-09-2005 01:32 PM

I should probably add that sine my friend is a new sysadmin, that books oriented towards Linux sysadmin learning could be quite beneficial.

Besides that, I'd like to know some "book list/rating" resources for my own purposes.


Charred 10-09-2005 03:38 PM

And, of course, O'Reilly.
It's not what you asked for, but I believe it's close to where you would have ended up. :)

AlexV 10-09-2005 09:11 PM

I've found this book to be quite helpful with Red Hat/Fedora problems:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora Core 4 : The Complete Reference

Another great book is LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell. While it's aimed at studying for LPI certification, it covers all the foundational Linux stuff and makes an excellent reference book.

mattengland 10-09-2005 10:07 PM

Book lists:

The Listmania links at the bottom of this Amazon book reference page looks promising. You have to look clear down at the end of the page, past the reader reviews. Search the page for "Listmania" to find the section for which I refer.


anomie 10-09-2005 10:08 PM

Linux Power Tools ( and Linux Server Hacks ( are both very worthwhile books, IMO.

As for book reviews and ratings, try amazon for starters.

XavierP 10-10-2005 08:10 AM

Check our Book Review section to get an idea of what others are using.

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