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vmccord 10-25-2013 03:50 PM

Recommendations for "plug and play" web site design and hosting
Thanks in advance for any suggestions or recommendations.

A minor league sports team for whom I play is considering changing its website infrastructure. Currently we use a local hosting service and use WordPress as the framework. Over the years we've ended up contracting extra services that we could get from our current architecture except that nobody has the time or inclination. We do e-newsletters, surveys, and e-commerce through third parties just because it's easier even though we could use our current platform. This habit is reflected in the choppiness of our site,

Essentially the people who do network and website administration for money do not wish to do more of it (myself included) after hours.

So we've decided to simplify and "dumb it down." We're looking for a web site design and hosting service that includes e-commerce, blogging, and doodads for connecting in with social media like Twitter, vimmeo, Fb, etc.

The one recommendation we have is I'd like us to consider others but haven't seen any I have liked as well. Anybody got one to recommend?

frankbell 10-25-2013 09:20 PM

InmotionHosting specializes in business accounts and offer the Plesk Website Builder for quick and dirty website building and a several options for ecommerce and all that other stuff.

A couple of years ago, I did a little work for them (I have had no connection with them since)--I was impressed with the calibre and commitment of the people there.

They are a little pricier than some of the competition and try to live up to the price differential.

I also do volunteer work with a group who has their site on A Small Orange. We have found their service to be excellent, but we don't use any ecommerce stuff.

I have my own site on GoDaddy. Although a lot of geeks seem to have a thing about GoDaddy, I have found them to be excellent; the few times I've had to deal with support, they have been knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful.

I have heard the folks on the Sunday Morning Linux Review report experiencing difficulties with 1and1 Hosting, especially when they have tried to move their sites elsewhere, but I have not first-hand experience with them. I can't remember which episode it was that they discussed it, but it was a recent one.

Most hosting outfits offer some type of quick-and-dirty website builder.

vmccord 10-28-2013 09:05 AM

Thanks for the recommendations. I will add them to the list.

sundialsvcs 10-28-2013 02:00 PM

vmccord 11-11-2013 09:17 AM

Thanks all, we evaluated every suggestion and went with weebly. I actually wouldn't have considered weebly if it hadn't been mentioned. I had an ignorant opinion that it wouldn't be powerful enough.

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