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php 08-10-2001 07:03 PM

Outlook Express 6 (beta)

I was wondering if anyone using the new Outlook Express that comes with the Internet Explorer 6 beta is have the same problem I am after I upgraded from 5.

When ever I receive my messages it downloads 2 of everyone automatically, no matter where it came from or who sent it. As you would imagine it can get pretty annoying lol.. does anyone else get this?

mcleodnine 08-10-2001 07:18 PM

There's an Outlook Express for Linux now???

trickykid 08-10-2001 10:44 PM


Originally posted by mcleodnine
There's an Outlook Express for Linux now???
He probably came from , but anyway... nope not a clue.. i have seen that happen before.. in older versions of express a long time ago, but have no clue on why it does that. maybe someone else will have a clue or tip.

CragStar 08-11-2001 07:43 AM

Oh no, not!!

Anyway, as or OE6, I think that you should check your settings and check that you are not leaving a copy of the e-mail on the mail servers, as that can cause problems.

I would personally use pegasus mail if I was using windows though.

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