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ottavio 04-18-2013 03:58 AM

OT: naive question about Jabber ID, XMPP, Gtalk and Facebook Chat
Hello, I hope this is the right forum to ask this kind of question. So far I have never been interested in chatting or chat protocols. I have a Gmail account and I seldom use Gmail chat (or Google Chat or Gtalk).

A distant relative, who is IT illiterate and has only a Facebook account, has asked me if she can chat with me on Google Chat using her Facebook chat.

Of course it would be easier if either I had a facebook account or she got a Gmail one.

I have been searching on the web and it looks like both chats use the Jabber (XMPP) protocol. So we both have a Jabber ID, mine would be something like and her would be

Then I see that many developers exchange their Jabber ID.

I use a program called Xabber on my Android tablet.

My question is: how do these Jabber IDs cooperate with each other? Can I just add a Jabber ID contact to my client and start chatting.

Do I have to use a third party server?

Can I give my Gtalk ID away and expect anybody on Jabber to able to communicate with me?

And what about Facebook IDs?


Ottavio 04-27-2013 10:11 AM

You need a middle man to relay the info, unless it is a direct p2p chat (like I think Jitsi supports) which means that one (or both) of the clients acts as a server as well. Anyway, if your jabber account is @google, then it certainly routes through google.

This was pretty informative;

I'm no expert though:)

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