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RWild 03-16-2003 11:40 AM

OS/2 Warp
As near as I can tell, IBM still sells Warp but there don't seem to be any fixpacks that have been released for several years. Can any one enlighten me regarding IBM development and/or support for Warp? From the IBM site, it looks as if everything is Warp Server/Client stuff for e-business.

I dual boot WinNT/Warp on an old Dell Optiplex GXPro and prefer to use Warp on that machine - it is quite responsive and I have other machines with Win2K for my MS Win fix.

acid2000 03-16-2003 11:43 AM

Someone who still uses Warp, I though they were all killed eons ago...

I don't think warp is in any kind of development now, no fixes nowt.

Mara 03-16-2003 11:45 AM

No fixes, no support etc. And no new versions planned. Not good. It was nice system. :(

crokett 03-16-2003 09:14 PM

Yah. Warp is dead. No new development, no more fixpacks. Kinda sad really. At one time I was thinking of getting an OS/2 engineer certifcation. I made a nice living with OS/2 for a few years. It was an OS that was slightly ahead of its time. Certainly better than the Windows that was available then.

RWild 03-17-2003 10:26 AM

There are still a few signs of life. For one, the WATCOM C++ and Fortran compilers are now open source and still support OS/2. There seems to still be some application development going on, particularly in Germany.

crokett 03-17-2003 03:04 PM

Well IBM isn't doing any more development that I know of. I know that there are some banks still running it on ATMs and the like, so there may be continued support there, but not much else.

sardaukar_siet 03-17-2003 05:47 PM

OS/2 is now called eComStation and it's still sold (under this name) although not by IBM. Google for it, now! :)

Thorin 03-17-2003 10:09 PM

OS/2 was a great OS, way ahead of *shudder* Windows 3.1. Argh, Windows 3.1 was scary, I truly believe it crashed more than ME does (then again, I'm not using ME that much anymore, thanks to Linus and the FSF). I don't remember much about OS/2, I was only about 8(can't remember) when I first tried it. Good enough GUI for the time, stable, DOS compatible.

Imagine what the the desktop OS marked would be like if OS/2 was still competing with Windows and both were compatible with each other, maybe the dominant OS would be good software for once :)

RWild 03-18-2003 08:34 AM


Thanks - couldn't remember the name eComStation. Looks like the are struggling a bit - mainly installation problems. Nothing most of the folks here aren't familiar with :) A transistion is in progress regarding retail sales in the US so I couldn't get a price.

From their web site, I found a number of other active sites related to eCS and Warp. People are porting a lot of linux stuff to OS/2 and/or eCS. Having just bought a dual 933 MHz zero on ebay and finding prices on scsi drives are lower than ever, I am thinking about dual booting eCS with RedHat. eCS is SMP out of the box.


I put everybody in the office (when I had an office) on Warp because they all looked to me to keep their machines running. We integrated Fortran number crunchers with Smartware spreadsheets and database and later with MS Office to do long-term performance assessments on radwaste disposal sites. Warp provided a much more stable and productive environment than anything else that was available. Microsoft didn't catch up until NT 4, IMHO.

Tinkster 03-20-2003 05:59 PM

And don't you guys forget WSoD :}

IBM's thin-client based on OS/2,
stripped of the WPS ... 3 years ago
I was quite impressed to see a PII 233
boot WSoD over a 16MBit TokenRing
in about 40 seconds ... and as for a
centralized environment it still seems
to be a VERY good choice. With an
underlying database of hardware &
software it was just amazing, you defined
a client on the server, and voila, next
boot everything is fine :) ...

*sigh* *sniff*

Good old days of OS/2 ...

Tink (IBM Certified OS/2 & OS/2 WARP 4 engineer) :}

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