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aizkorri 07-16-2004 05:49 AM

ok, I like my job, but this is too much
Ever had the feeling of going home only for sleeping?....or not ever for that...

I'm looking out-there for any soul with my same situation, help!

Red eyeballs, caffeine overdose, due dates, and knowing about my friends only by e-mail, I hope this project finishes soon cause it's killing my private life, (did I have any?) cause I don't remember.

I'm just looking for some helpful comment from the community, please, now I need you.

..well, actually It's not that horrible, ...if it has due date, it should finish some day..., or not?

enine 07-16-2004 07:10 AM

Ha! Try supporting 200 Windows servers. After working every evening and weekend for a month to patch the latest security hole you finally think your going to get some speel and Microsoft releases 6 more patches so you get to start all over again.

programmershous 07-16-2004 12:11 PM

Aizkorri :
a good advice : quit your job.

bigjohn 07-18-2004 11:13 AM

Or try long distance trucking!

You get to bully everyone on the road (ha, well I do), and if you feel tired you just pull over on the road side and jump into the bunk.

The only downside is that net access can work out a little pricey :D



aizkorri 07-19-2004 06:01 AM

hey thanks, maybe programmershous is right...
maybe bigjohn, not sure I should try long distance trucking, hehe :)
at least for escaping... then I would be free...

hey, enine, life is hard sometimes..., and microsoft servers suck..., good luck

I`m getting some more coffee...

trey85stang 07-19-2004 11:47 AM

at least you dont have to please a group of Windows Admins and a group of UNIX Admins at the same time....

trust me.. that gets hard keeping them both happy...

ezra143 07-19-2004 12:02 PM

Atleast it is one Job.

Try starting a consulting business on the side of your regular job... about 6 hours sleep in the past 3 days. Or, maybe you should :)

320mb 07-20-2004 08:29 AM


Originally posted by bigjohn
Or try long distance trucking!


LMAO........I drove for Dick Simon for 3.5 years.........he he
make numerous sleepless runs from ...........Laredo TX - Toronto, Canada..

drive from North Carolina to California using two or three log books.........ahh
those were the days............

Ghost_runner 07-22-2004 06:33 PM

holy cow! another OTR driver using linux! I surf from flying j, was only $99 per year, now up to $199 :( but from sprint and another network (can't remember the name, accessed from rip-griffen TS) will be good at several outlets, petro, T/A etc. I am thinking about getting out of my truck and going back to work as a nurd, maybe back to best buy's geek in a hole?

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