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Cheeseboy 11-06-2004 01:01 PM

Novell Combats Microsoft Ads against Linux.
This is some good stuff.

Lleb_KCir 11-06-2004 11:31 PM

wow, great read thanks.

i can confirm the patching/security issue that M$ is way off base there. it is the #1 reason i get paid what i get paid for the small business IT work i contract on.

about 90% of my time is spent dealing with keeping systems patched and keeping viruses and spyware out of the networks.

trickykid 11-06-2004 11:43 PM

Yeah, here's something funny, a virus got inside our network most likely by a mobile user with a laptop, the Windows guys didn't even know about it and didn't know who was affected. It was the Linux guys (one of the Sr. SysAdmins and myself) who shouldn't have to do any of the tracking for the desktop users using Windows (as 97% of our servers run Linux and we don't deal with Windows) to track down, find what virus it was and what not for them but yet they kept giving us crap we don't do anything all day.. yet even that day we determined who had the virus, where it originated from and still went about getting all of our other work done while they had to go patch and update systems that apparently hadn't been upgraded in months.. when its suppose to be "automated" by their virus update server, etc.. ;)

vharishankar 11-07-2004 12:05 AM

Shouldn't this be in the News articles section. Seems more suitable for that.

XavierP 11-07-2004 11:11 AM

There is no facility to move threads to the News forum. This thread, though, is far more suited to the News forum than to General. I am closing this thread and ask that Cheeseboy submits it as an article to News.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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