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MartinN 11-01-2004 11:15 AM

New job!
Hi everyone!

I wrote here a while ago and told you that I've been unemployed for quite some time. This made me feel quite down and was the reason why I stopped visiting LQ for some time. I got some nice replies and that made me feel a little better. Thanks, that was appreciated!

I am now very happy to announce that I've got a new job! I will work as a SW engineer at UIQ Technology, developing software for mobile phones.

Because of this, I've moved 350 km from Linkoping (where I've studied at the Institute of Technology and worked at Nokia) to Ronneby. I will update my personal profile accordingly. Since my Internet provider is somewhat slow I don't have any connection at home yet, so this means that I won't be here as frequently as usual for a while. I will come back, though. Promise!

I also wish to express sympathy with everyone who is / have been unemployed for some time. I understand now what it's like. If you haven't been unemployed I don't think you can ever imagine. Good luck to everyone looking for a new job!

Greetings from a happy

XavierP 11-01-2004 11:24 AM

Congratulations, MartinN, glad to hear that you are back on your feet. Good luck in your new job :D

The Bad Penny 11-01-2004 11:25 AM

Congratulations Martin,

well done on getting back on your feet,
I too know unemployment, I was out of work for 2 years after suffering a serious industrial accident which took my trade.

Best of luck in your new job.

Mara 11-01-2004 12:49 PM

I'm happy to read that you did it! Congratulations and good luck!

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