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boredandblogging 11-14-2006 11:08 AM

need suggestions for portable media devices
I've been thinking about getting something that lets me browse the web and watch movies (from files, not DVDs) and doesn't break the bank.

I've been using a laptop, but its getting tedious. Frankly, I don't want to carry around that much weight and don't need all the power of a laptop.

Some cell phones have decent browsers, but they won't let me watch my movies. iPod-like devices can't do the Internet. Archos is coming out with a wifi device, but at $450, its expensive.

The only device seems to fulfill these requirements is a Sony PSP. Granted all movies need to get converted to mp4 to play on the PSP, but at least its got a decent read-only browser. Typing on it is way too hard. I have no intention of play games on it. Does this sound like overkill?

Are there any other devices that do movies and Internet ok and isn't that expensive? Maybe I'm just asking for too much?

b0uncer 11-14-2006 12:45 PM


Are there any other devices that do movies and Internet ok and isn't that expensive? Maybe I'm just asking for too much?
The closest I thought was PSP, but you're right, it's for games - for just movies and internet it's not good (instead it's complicated, difficult to use and forces you to do a lot of work). The next best thing I could imagine is a portable/handheld small cadget, (yup, mobile phones' browsers suck, and their "videos" are horrible) except that I'm not sure about their capabilities compared to mobile phones, and they are very expensive (even when they're "cheap").

So, yes, you may have asked for too much. Today's society offers you powerful laptops and small funky cadgets, but if you just want a browser and a decent omvie player in one package, along with affordable price, you're asking for something you won't probably find too easily. Good luck in your search anyway, and if you find such a thing, tell me too - I've been looking for a similar device for quite some time.

Maybe a handheld with a Linux could do it - if it just had a wireless.

MasterC 11-14-2006 09:32 PM

My wife's Dell Axim plays movies, surfs the internet (802.11b and bluetooth built in), navigates (externally attached GPS) and has 2 slots, 1 for SD, and 1 for CF. SD cards come in 8GB last I checked, which should be enough for a good 20 DVD's ripped to mpeg4/xvid at ~320x240 resolution. Has a browser built in (*gasp* windows/explorer/wmp/email monopoly as usual *gasp*) so it would seem to fit your bill. Oh yeah, it's small too ;)

So, not quite super 'el cheapo' but doesn't really break the bank for a decent alternative to a laptop.

Oh yeah, it has a ~650mhz CPU and 64MB of RAM...


stan.distortion 11-30-2006 03:18 AM

sharp zaurus. any of the clamshell models will do all you ask and more and you can get a good used one for under 200 euro, just need to add a wifi cf card.

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